one step at a time

The number 1 way to get success with fitness and exercise is MOTIVATION!

But how do you get motivated when you don’t have any to start with and how do you ensure you stay motivated?


I’m not going to lie, in the beginning it takes some focus, some dedication and determination on your part. You have to quit the excuses “I can’t afford to/ I will start on Monday/my knee hurts/I haven’t got space/I am too old/I’m not fit!”

My biggest tip for fitness and health, is easy. Two little words.


How do you get up to the top of the stairs to go to bed at night? You take one step at a time and you keep going until you reach the top. Easy right?! It’s the same with fitness. Just start with one step and it will take you to bigger and better things. But you can’t get to the top without taking the first step!

  • Goals should be SPECIFIC to you. Just cos everyone is doing HIIT, doesn’t mean if you love walking, you can’t that.
  • Goals should be MEASURABLE. We all know we can check the scales, but if you really want to use scales to measure your success, remember you will be lighter in the morning, heavier at night, lighter before a meal or glass or water, heavier on your period. So it’s not always the best measure of progress. How about instead, how you feel? Do your clothes fit better? Do you feel less tired? Do you feel more upright and with less back pain?
  • Goals should be ACHIEVABLE. If you do have a bad back, it’s not the best idea to start lifting heavy weights or bending in yoga until you have addressed your weak core. You can’t run for the bus without getting out of breath, it’s probably unlikely that you can achieve a marathon- YET!!
  • Goals should be REALISTIC. If you are fit and healthy and just want to keep it that way, once a week may be fine to keep it up. But if you want to change something about yourself; whether it’s toning up, losing weight, improving cardio health (heart and lungs) or getting rid of back/joint pain, then realistically it’s going to need a few sessions a week. If you know you will likely put in less effort in a group class, do 1:1 personal training instead to make it more realistic that you will work hard!
  • Goals should be TIME DRIVEN. To make it a habit, try to fit it in as a regular part of your life. Drop the kids off to school, then go straight to your Pilates class before you head home. Waiting for the kettle to boil, do squats until it’s ready. Decide how often you are going to exercise a week. Government guidelines recommend that it’s a daily occurrence. We advise 3 times a week, and to make any habit stick you need to commit to at least 21 days.

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