About Classical Pilates

What is Classical Pilates?

Over the years, Joe Pilates’ famous exercises have become much better known. There are now many schools of Pilates, each with slightly different teaching principles.

Practitioners of ‘Classical’ Pilates follow the original system as taught by Joe Pilates himself. We use the original apparatus to achieve results. You can read more about Joe here.

Classical Pilates is not just a list of exercises.  It should be thought of more like a recipe. To get the best possible outcome, we need good ingredients – the exercises that Joseph Pilates created. You also need the right tools for the job – the apparatus that Joseph Pilates devised.

And of course, you need knowledgeable, authentically trained ‘chefs’ (teachers!) who understands the system and how to blend everything together to get a good outcome that’s right for you as an individual. That’s us- our Pod teachers!

Using the whole classical system

Fully comprehensively trained teachers are trained in the whole system and not just the mat work. In fact, Matwork is the end goal. This is what all the studio work is training us to be able to do. To be able to work with just our own body weight and gravity with complete control.

In the studio, we work with Pilates Reformers, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Correctors, Foot Gizmos, Ped-o-Pull, Magic Circles and more! Plus of course Matwork on traditional high mats with dowel handles and straps.

Mat work itself is wonderfully simple and requires no special apparatus. It’s a cost effective and portable workout that can be done anywhere.   Check out our studio and group sessions 

The Classical Pilates method utilises world class training and sought after teachers combined with classical authentic apparatus, so that we can help you as an individual with your Pilates journey, prehab and rehab “Pre Pilates.”  You will develop both in mind and body; making the Pilates benefits far reaching and available to everybody.

Classical Pilates – How our teachers learn

Classical teachers are required to go through a rigorous training programme, with teachers who are within the lineage of Joseph Pilates. Our training requires us to complete a minimum of 600 hours of training and apprenticeship with a mentor.

They have learnt to use all the apparatus in tandem, from the entry level to advanced. They are trained to work with a variety of injuries and issues from back, neck and joint problems, overweight, eldery, children, pregnancy and postnatal  See our Teacher Training Page.

How will Classical Pilates help YOU?

Classical Pilates method is a comprehensive head-to-toe workout. You will be strengthening, stretching and toning every single part of your body.

It is taught with a focus on breathing full and well to improve circulation and respiration.

It is taught with control from the mind over our powerhouse to improve concentration.

Pilates will help you gain strength- stability- stretch- control over your body and into your everyday life with skills and movements that will help carry you through your daily activities and life. As Joe says in his book, it will help “Return to Life through Contrology.”

Read more about how Pilates can help you.

“The goal of Controlology (Pilates Method)  is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind and the ability to perform life’s daily activities with zest and ease.”

Joe Pilates

A classical Pilates class in full flow