About Classical Pilates

“(Created by by a strong man, a gymnast and a boxer, Joseph Pilates who actually called his method, Contrology (the art, study and science of control.) Created as a dynamic movement experience to help stretch and stretch the body at the same time, with control from the mind over our powerhouse (deep abs, waist, butt and back) and taught with focus on the breath to to help return people to life.

His two books from the early 1900’s were “Your Health” looking at circulation, fresh air, diet, posture, exercise, washing, sleep, technology, posture, children, breath and much more. Joe’s other book was a documented book about the full Matwork system with clear instruction for its purpose and was called “Return to Life with Contrology” as that is quite simply what it does. Read out testimonials page to find out how!

Not just an exercise workout, Pilates is a discipline to be practiced over time in a studio environment, with Matwork as a way of continuing the work and concepts of the studio sessions at home, but with skills and movements that will help carry you through your daily activities and life.


The foundation of Pilates builds a strong centre from which all movement can happen with ease and balanced body will develop. Regardless of physical ability, everyone will begin training strength in this deep centre, to get stability of the lower back/pelvis and shoulders. It is by building this foundation that our movements can flow with ease and not injury. Think of a boxer who takes a blow but can regain composure to react, or a dancer that can move with grace but tempo without causing injury, or a grandmother who can do the gardening without suffering 3 days in bed afterwards with back pain!

“Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit. ” Joe Pilates

Elements of all the disciplines Joseph practised such as boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, skiing, self-defence, dance, weightlifting, circus training can be found in his work. He studied, trained and selected the most effective aspects from each to develop the Pilates Method.

Today, there are many interpretations on Joe’s method.  An industry with no still no governing body, it’s common place for training to be
in only part of the method, like Matwork or Reformer, or fashions and fads to make hybrids and fusions from the Pilates name and mixing it with boxing (Piloxing) or Yoga (Yogalates) or Hot Pilates or Hiit Pilates.

Classical Pilates is believed to be Pilates in it’s truest authentic form. Teachers are required to go through a rigorous training programme, with teachers who are within the lineage of Joseph Pilates and to complete a minimum of 450-600 hours of training and apprenticeship with a chosen mentor (like Pod boss Michelle) They have learnt to use all the apparatus at once from the entry level to advanced. They are trained to work with a variety of injuries and issues from back, neck and joint problems, overweight, eldery, children, pregnancy and postnatal  See our Teacher Training Page.

Classical Pilates is not just about Matwork. That is in fact the end goal and what all the studio work is training us for, to work with just our own body weight and gravity with complete control. In the studio, we work with Reformers, Wunda chair, High chair, Ladder barrel, Spine correctors, Foot gizmos, Pedi Pole, Magic circles and more! Plus of course Matwork on traditional high mats with dowel handles and straps.

The Classical Pilates method utilises world class training and sought after teachers combined with classical authentic apparatus, so that we can help you as an individual with your Pilates journey, prehab and rehab “Pre Pilates.”  You will develop both in mind and body; making the Pilates benefits far reaching and available to everybody.