You go to Pilates because it’s been recommended to you so many times, with promises to help your back and weak abs.

But do you really know if what you are going to do is actually Pilates? Do you really know that the teacher holds an adequate certificate?

🏆 Winning Best Pilates Studio 2024 this July is an accolade we’re so proud of especially in light of recent legal controversies where an international violinist has had her career ruined during a so called ‘Pilates’ class. 😥

The award contrasts sharply with the issues raised by the recent court case, involving:

🙅‍♂️ Ill-maintained and not fit for purpose “Pilates” equipment.

🤷‍♂️Made up exercises that have no place in any Pilates studio.

🙅‍♀️Poorly maintained equipment.

🙈 Inadequately trained teachers.

If you’ve not heard of the case, you can read about it here

⭐ This accolade highlights our unwavering commitment to Pilates training excellence, safety, and client wellbeing and trust. It underscores the importance of distinguishing between studios and teachers that prioritise this and and those that do not!

⚠ Pilates is still an unregulated industry. It is up to YOU to look into what certifications teachers hold and what that actually means.

  • Teachers can hold an (old) Level 3 Mat qualification (now know under CIMSPA as ‘Pilates Based Matwork Instructor) but this lies within the fitness industry and not based within a proper Pilates framework, making it often a very watered down experience of what Pilates Matwork actually is. This is an entry level basic qualification.
  • Some train with just a quick weekend training course, or even a ‘GroupOn’ online quick course.
  • Some teach without even taking an exam! Just some attendance training. Not certified means not insured.
  • Reformer Pilates is the popular buzz word and had lead to a huge increase in course training. However this is massively unregulated and monitored. Many places offer online training where you don’t actually even get on a Reformer or have hands on tutoring. Some offer in house training with Personal Trainers who then are given legs bums and tums lesson plans to teach. Many teach made up exercises that are found on Instagram and have severe consequences and risk to public safety. Some just teach a gentle stretch on a moving platform.

All of which is not the Pilates method.

In contrast, Fully Comprehensive trained teachers have taken far more extensive training across all apparatus and mat, more in-depth understanding about special populations and injuries to help support the needs of these types in a 1:1 setting, taking 1-3 years to complete training, and are committed to ongoing CPE and education.

🌟 Our studio voluntarily upholds the highest standards, setting a benchmark in the Pilates community. We stand as a beacon of reliability and quality, contrasting sharply with recent controversies in the industry.

Winning this award reaffirms our dedication to professionalism and not only reassures our clients but also motivates us to continue advocating and raising awareness for better industry practices and regulations, the importance of thorough training and equipment maintenance and safety.

Ensuring a safer and more professional environment for all.

➡ Check out The Pilates Teacher Association who work tirelessly for this.

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