Imagine how good your body could feel if you had the strength of lifting weights, the flexibility of yoga, the calm and concentration of meditation, and the gold star tick from your osteopath for having great mobile but stable joints and spine.

Well, you don’t have to imagine! It’s called Classical Pilates 🙂

The original method has been around since the early 1900’s. It has been a long secret for dancers, athletes, and people serious about having a balanced body free from injuries while being the go-to exercise method for osteopaths, GPs, physios, and surgeons who appreciate and love the powerful changes it can bring to those with pain, reduced mobility, instability and compression.

  • Weights make you stronger but don’t give your joints much-needed space and aren’t addressing the inner strength.
  • Yoga can make you more flexible but it doesn’t often balance the flexibility with much-needed strength and stability.
  • Running or HIIT can provide cardiovascular benefits, but many people cannot withstand the high impact on their joints and experience pain.

At The Pilates Pod, we’re multi award winners and have just picked up our 12th award for Best Pilates Studio 2024 in the Home Counties; Herts, Beds and Bucks. We’ve helped thousands of people discover how good their body can feel with Classical Pilates. Will you be next?

Why compromise on your health when you can have it all?

Unlike many interpretations of Pilates out there, Classical Pilates is the traditional and authentic approach. It’s free from fads and fashions (no goat Pilates or HIIT Pilates here!) and it gets results!

  • Stretch, length and flexibility in your body
  • Strength and full body toning everywhere from arms, abs, legs, back and even your pelvic floor muscles too.
  • Support for your joints, organs and spine from the magical Pilates ‘powerhouse’ that is so unique and integral to the Pilates method.
  • Whole body control and co-ordination improvements
  • Mindful calmness
  • Improved deeper and more efficient breathing and respiratory system
  • Stamina-building and cardiovascular benefits through using resistance, adding in flow and transitions
  • Get hands on, personalised attention always so you can feel it, understand it and get results.

Sounds great, what’s included?

  • We like to get to know your body and help you with any appropriate modifications that may need to be applied to your Pilates workout. We’re all different bodies, and we all need different things, so with us, one size does not fit! We’ll work with your body and mind to show you how to move your body and get the best out of your movements.
    Our introductory 1:1’s in our 30-Day Trial Package will help you get a feel for the basics with 1:1 attention and understanding of how to use the apparatus and execute the basic exercises.
  • We don’t like to throw anyone in the deep end, which is why our group sessions are both small and levelled with appropriate “Foundational Levels’ for beginners and those who haven’t practiced Classical Pilates at all or for a while and ‘Open Levels’ for you to continue exploring the rest of the amazing method.
  • Mr Joseph Pilates said matwork was the hardest place to learn and change the body but the easiest to pick up and do wherever you are and could be done between your studio Pilates sessions. That’s why we’ll also send you loads of videos for all your Pilates nerdy learning to get the very best results.
    – Basic matwork repertoire for you to practice at home, on holiday or at work.
    – Basic reformer video to help you remember the Pilates basic order on the Reformer that you may do in the studio.
    – How-To tutorial on how to do some of the basic Tower exercises like leg springs
    – How to find and build your Pilates ‘powerhouse’
    – A Pilates “chocolate cake recipe” of 7 short videos that break down the Pilates concepts and address them in bite-sized chunks so you can start using them like ingredients.
  • Personalised attention. Our groups have a maximum of 8 people so you get our focus on your body and needs.

What you get in the 30 Day Trial Package

  • 1 x 1:1’s 55 mins each – worth £69
  • Up to 10 small group Pilates training sessions – worth £270
  • 11 video library Pilates tutorials, workouts and helpful guides to have us as your Pilates coach at home! – worth £priceless!
  • A healthier, stronger, more balanced and confident you by the end of the trial

Total package price over £450 and many less visits to the osteopath!
Total price to you £300

Contact us today to take advantage of the 30 Day Trial Package. Tel 01462 338002

The Pilates Pod – where the magic happens

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