Welcome to The Pilates Pod. An award winning, authentic Classical Pilates Apparatus and Matwork Studio in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

We are open 7 days a week. Classes every day. Classes until 9pm mid week. You are not tied in to anything. You have complete control of how to pay, what to come to, when to come. You can use our pricing on ALL of our classes, without having to re sign up to another pricing for a different class. You can book in advance. You can manage your account yourself online or via the Mind Body app to book, to cancel, to rebook alternatives.

So let’s talk pricing options… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to do Pilates with us.


New or returning client?

Start with one of our New Client Packages to get familiar and safely inducted into the studio.  If you are an existing client, you are welcome to try one of these packages too if you haven’t used it before!
Watch Michelle in this short video to explain… or read below.

  1. 3 x 1:1’s £130 – use within 2 wks from 1st session. Best suited if you want, need or prefer the 1:1 attention of the teacher. If you have back disc problems, joint mobility issues, pelvic floor issues, abdominal separation or recovering from cesarean, newly postnatal, neurological conditions etc… this package is definitely for YOU! BOOK
  2. 1 x 1:1 plus 3 group classes £75 (1 x Tower, 1 x Studio Work, 1 x Beginners Mat) – Use within 4 wks from 1st session. Get a taster to see of what we offer. BOOK

Moving into Classes…

Feeling confused? Watch Michelle explain in a short video here… or scroll down to read below!

  1. Decide how often you want to workout a week– we have different pricing options that may suit you better depending on how often you want come train.
  2. Decide on which way you wish to pay. Different packages have different benefits around price, advance booking, expiry periods etc so you an choose the best one that suits you.
  3. Book in your weekly class at the time you prefer to attend*
Memberships. Our most popular and cheapest way to pay. BOOK 
  • Choose either 1 class per week membership £60 a month, 2 classes per week £110 a month, 3 classes per week £155 a month.
  • You can come to ANY class you like, there is no price difference between apparatus or matwork. (making an apparatus class as low as £12 a session, compared to the RRP of £24 single pay as you go)
  • Added benefit of being able to pre book your classes up to 1 year in advance to guarantee your favourite spot!
  • *If you need to cancel a class, logon to the website or use the Mind Body app, cancel and move to any other class that week OR if you are away that week entirely, you can come to 2 the next week instead, or anytime up to 4 in the month/8 in the month/12 in the month (depending on which membership you are on.)
  • Your fees come off your card registered to your account each month, but all credits are applied up front so you don’t have to wait until the money is paid to pre book your space. You are able to cancel at any point, with one month’s written notice. You are also able to freeze your membership for one month in any 12 months, incase you are on an extended holiday, off sick, or busy with the school summer holidays.

Class Credit Packs.  Gives you the flexibility to come as often as you like, when and what sessions you like. BOOK

  1. The more credits you buy, the cheaper the classes are, the more sessions you get in your pack and the further in advance you can pre book your space.
  2. You get more classes in your packs than our old pricing. 
  3. Apparatus classes are now cheaper than our old pricing. Attend a mat class – 2 credits will be deducted from your pack. Attend any apparatus class – 3 credits.
  • 12 credits £91 = 6 mat classes (around £15 a class) OR 4 apparatus classes (around £22 a class) or a combination of the two. 24 credits £172 = 12 mat classes (around £14 a class) OR 8 apparatus classes (around £21 a class) or a combination of the two. 36 credits £244 = 18 mat classes (around £13.50 a class) OR 12 apparatus classes (around £20 a class) or a combination of the two.
  • Book in for the class or classes per week you think you can most likely attend, we will book in all your sessions in advance. If you need to cancel a class, logon to the website or use the Mind Body app, cancel and move to any other class that week OR if you are away that week entirely, you can come to 2 the next week instead or anytime, up the amount of expiry on your credit pack.
  • Packs have additional weeks added into them in which to use them eg 12 credits = 6 weeks of mat classes or 4 weeks of apparatus classes but you have 8 weeks to use them, giving you additional time for life’s unexpected twists and turns! 24 credits =12 weeks of mat classes or 8 weeks of apparatus classes but you have 16 weeks to use them in. 36 credits =18 weeks of mat classes or 12 weeks of apparatus classes but you have 24 weeks to use them in. Please note expiry dates are from date of purchase. You can only pre book up from date of purchase up to date of expiry. To book further in advance, see memberships.

Pay As You Go
Buy the class you want to come to, use the class within 2 weeks of purchase. Repeat! Helpful for those who need full flexibility over what and when they can attend.

  • Tower Class/ Studio Work Class/ Barrels & Chairs Class £24.
  • Any type of Mat Class £16.

1:1 and 1:2 Duet Personal Training  BOOK

If you are in pain, have specific conditions or ailments both physically or mentally, that may need you need extra help, time and attention, OR if you just like to get the best of our your sessions… we are here for you!

Check out our 1:1 and 1:2 share with a friend Duet packages




Invest in yourself! We are committed to you, commit to yourself too and come at least 1-2 times a week.
As Loreal say, “you’re worth it!

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