Strength – Stretch – Control

Take your workout to the next level. Working and following the principles created by Joseph Pilates, you can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.


Focusing around the Tower/Wall Unit, you’ll work on your overall wellbeing, strength, stability & stretch. Building over time. You’ll also benefit from matwork, small barrel, magic circle & toe correctors in these classes. An easy piece of apparatus to jump on and go, and a good place to start in your group class Pilates journey.


This class* focuses on the small barrel, spine corrector and ladder barrel, deeper stretch, expansion and opening of the chest, hips & back is the aim of these classes. Strength & control addressed with smaller base support workouts. Perfect for those wanting to develop their practice and their body, and a great antidote to rounded upper back posture and desk work!

*Please note Barrels Class is not suitable if you’re new to Pilates or you have a weak back/abdominal control.


This is the bread and butter of Pilates!

Reformer and Mat have a distinct order to the exercises, with transitions to link them together. In this class, you’ll learn and work on your intro level of each, to grasp the real authentic experience of Pilates. If you want to further your practice and move into our Shared Semi Private training and grasp the full experience of Pilates, you will want to be a regular on this class! Come away from these classes more self aware & ready for independent practice.


Three classes a week will also be available in the studio with us whilst also being live streamed out to our friends who want to join us virtually. The same great class but in the comfort of our studio with our mats and small props so no need to bring anything!

Pregnancy and Post Natal Classes

Pilates is a wonderful exercise for new mums and mums to be, but all your journeys are different. At the Pilates Pod, we believe you’ll benefit most from individual support to begin with, so we can recommend the best class to join, rather than timetabling a generic ‘Pregnancy Class’.

Therefore we recommend starting with our New Client Package of 3 x 1:1’s, so we can support you through to a regular workout at one of our classes.