Strength – Stretch – Control

Take your workout to the next level. Working and following the principles created by Joseph Pilates, you can dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs.

Mat Classes

A 55 minutes flowing class with just you and the mat and gravity! Focusing on building stability and strength in the centre of your body (your powerhouse) which bring about change to poor posture and muscle imbalance.

Matwork for All
Gentle Flow Mat
Stretch and Fascia Release with Matwork

Tower Classes

Using the easy to use Tower Wall Unit (taken from the Cadillac) this amazing small class is a full body workout that packs a punch! Using spring resistance to challenge your strength goals and assist with wonderful stretches whilst working from your centre for great full body results. This class includes matwork, barrels and small props.

Pilates Studio Work

This is a shared private training session for up to 5 people.
Work in the traditional Pilates way, integrating many pieces of apparatus and matwork together within your workout. You will need to be familiar with handling the apparatus.

Barrels and Chairs Classes

The barrels are designed to open and stretch tight hips, chest and back, improve rounded posture, root arms and legs back into joint for improved joint stability, and get the spine back into a more ideal alignment with it’s three natural curves.

The chairs; High Chair and Wunda Chair, challenge the stability and pack a punch to your overall strength. Together, they form a most beautiful stretch and strength class.

Pilates Teacher Time: Studio Work

Tuesdays 1.30pm. This is a Pilates teachers class. Open to any teachers of varying backgrounds. This is a chance to be with your peers, play on the full classical apparatus, challenge your workout and stamina, get what you need from your workout and enjoy some quality Pilates time for yourself!  Teachers are welcome to attend all classes, any other time as well.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Classes

We don’t run specific pregnancy or post-natal classes, so that you can work on the full apparatus more traditionally and for whatever your own individual body needs rather than a group. Start with our New Client Package of 3 x 1:1’s, then buy credits or membership and join in to any Studio Work class (or if postnatal, you can also do Gentle Flow Matwork and Stretch & Release with Matwork.

See our Pre & Postnatal page for info.