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About Kerry

Kerry Ellis has fast become recognised as the leading lady of West End musicals from her starring roles in London and on Broadway. She has also achieved chart-topping success as a recording artist. Kerry’s first major CD release was the amazing Wicked in Rock, a collaboration with long time friend and Queen guitarist, Brian May. This led to her being signed to Universal as a solo recording artist and her debut album Anthems was released in 2010 on Decca Records. See Kerry’s website for more info.
As a singer and performer, Kerry knows the importance of breath and how it helps her with singing and to control her voice for those long high notes! A fan of The Pilates Pod, Kerry has worked with Michelle over the years on the Reformer and other studio apparatus and is an advocate of how Pilates gives you core control.

About the workout

In this exclusive Insta Live Pilates workout, Pilates Pod founder Michelle, will lead Kerry through a workout using the Classical Wall Ending work with a piece of Pilates apparatus called the Breathocizer, invented by Joe Pilates to help control breath and expand the capacity of the lungs. We’ll show you how you to recreate this at home with a straw!

We’ll delve into the understanding of your body and how you body breathes, how Pilates helps you to exhale all “ze air out out out” (as Joe Pilates would say!) and how you can help improve your respiratory system, cleanse viruses and bacteria through breathing (especially important in these times of Covid19) We’ll dive into some of the Classical Matwork exercises that you can do at home which will help you with your breathing muscles! Pilates was created by Joe Pilates to help return you to YOUR life through movement and correct breathing mechanics.

For those who are singers, musicians and performers, this workout is a masterclass of help to help you with your career!

About Amy

Amy Lennox is an actress starring currently in Holby City as CT surgeon Chloe Godard. She played many musical theatre roles including Margot in the original West End cast of Legally Blonde in 2009, for which she also understudied Sheridan Smith in the leading role of Elle Woods.[1] In 2012 she played Doralee in the UK touring production of 9 to 5.[1]

In 2015 she played Lauren in the original West End cast of Kinky Boots.[2] She was nominated for both the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a Musical and the Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical her performance.

She played Ellie in the David Bowie and Enda Walsh in the musical Lazarus. She was nominated for the Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical.

About the workout

In this exclusive Insta Live Pilates workout, Pilates Pod founder Michelle, will lead Amy through a lively workout showing how Classical Pilates was really meant as a ‘workout’ for the generally fit and healthy. We’ll be flowing through the exercises and linking stamina with stretch and strength but always with control! As Amy is hypermobile, we’ll look at some of the challenges she faces in exercise and take a deeper dive into reining in those joints and getting the muscles working to support them!

Amy will be chatting to us about how her acting industry has been affected by Covid19 and what she gets up to at home to entertain herself during lockdown!

About Guillem

Guillem Balague has been a key fixture in Sky Sports’ coverage of Spanish football for 20 years. He is the best known face of the official coverage of LaLiga TV due to his two decades of coverage of the Spanish league, BBC Sport where he is presenting a weekly Radio5Live show on European football. He is also the UK Correspondent for AS, the Madrid-based Spanish sports newspaper and a regular contributor to El Partidazo (COPE), the biggest football radio show in Spain, plus he writes a regular column on and a best selling author on biographies for Pep Guardiola, Lionel Messi, Mauricio Pochettino and Ronaldo.

About the workout

In this exclusive Insta Live Pilates workout, Pilates Pod founder Michelle, will lead Guillem through a safe and back friendly Pilates workout for those suffering like Guillem with back disc issues. We’ll talk about how the football industry has coped with the fall out of Covid19 and Guillem’s life in Spain.

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Let’s take a look at what Kerry had to say about her Pilates sessions at the studio from 2016

Quote by Joe Pilates in his 1945 book, Return to Life Through Contrology. (Contrology is the actual name given for the Pilates method.) Find out more about Pilates here

Kerry and Michelle’s Double Page Spread in Affinity magazine in 2013

Pages 30-31 in this edition

Amy Lennox painting body positive rocks and messages for the launch of Michelle’s Your Body Rocks campaign

your body rocks
Guillem in the studio doing Pilates
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