march matness
march matness

Some say the matwork is like the bread and the Reformer is like the butter.

For me, I think of the whole of the Pilates system as a recipe. The basics (some call them the Pre Pilates building blocks) before the Hundred on the mat even begins, is what I like to think of as a great classic chocolate cake. We need to know how to get those basics down first, be a beginner. Read more about why it’s ok to be a bit cr*p.

But I love a food analogy, so I digress.

Come on this journey with us into March MATness; a global celebration of the matwork system of Pilates.

Every day during March on our Facebook and Instagram, we will bring you the full exercise, one day at a time.
Explore the original work with us, the full expression of the exercises as taught by Joe Pilates in his book, Return to Life Through Contrology. Some may call it the ‘advanced work’ these days, some even say it’s not suitable for a “modern body” whatever that is!

?Don’t change it. Just try it, see how it feels, how it sits with you. Is it challenging? That’s normal! Are you struggling? It’s totally ok to struggle! Are you getting a bit cross at yourself? That’s our ego checking in.

Let’s embrace our vulnerabilities and allow ourselves to enjoy learning the process, and simply have a go!
Join in daily with an open heart, with kind words to yourself, and remember that if you can’t do an exercise and you’re struggling…

?Have a go (what’s the worst that can happen)
?Laugh if you can’t do it (who cares!)
?What are the struggles telling you? (there are lessons to learn)
?Move on to the next (there’s always another day)

Check our Michelle’s own take on March MATness over on her instagram, From Meh to Me, where she looks at How to Make it Your Own with tons of tips.

What day is what exercise?

Check it all out here – scroll down the page to find the calendar of exercises to help you remember.

Move with Us

Follow along with us at home. Michelle and Ellen will be taking you through a breakdown of each exercise to make it accessible for you for whatever level you’re at (or mood you feel on the day!) while being authentic and genuine to the original work. Remember to have a go, laugh if you can’t do it, feel into the struggles and learn what is your body telling you, move on to the next exercise. (Repeat it again the next day with lessons learned from the day before.)

You are your own teacher. You know your body best. If in doubt, leave it out.
NB: not every exercise is suitable for all body issues. If you are unclear of your contraindications for a back issue, neck, hip, shoulder problems, pregnancy, postnatal, osteoporosis- please take a 1:1 first. This can be taken online or in-studio.

Join our online Basic Mat- Family Friendly Pilates Class every Sunday at 10.15 am UK time.

Want to move on the apparatus? Join our 4-week beginners courses in Hitchin

Day 1 – The Hundred

Day 2 – The Roll Up

Day 3 – Roll Over

Day 4 – One Leg Circle

Day 5- Rolling Back (Rolling like a ball)

Day 6 – Single Leg Stretch

Day 7- Double Leg Stretch

Day 8- Spine Stretch Forward

Day 9- Rocker with Open Legs

Day 10- Corkscrew

Day 11- Saw

Day 12- The Swan-Dive

Day 13- One Leg Kick

Day 14- Double Kick

Day 15- Neck Pull

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