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It’s the new year, so the media and marketers desperately tell you about every new fitness programme.

They make them sound exciting and fun and tend to include all new moves, routines, and workouts to get you interested.

This week’s Evening Standard reports on the “new fitness crazes the celebs are doing for 2024.”

The only problem?

They tend to skip the basics!

I know basics can sound dull. It’s so easy to be tempted to skip the fundamentals and basics and go straight to the big stuff.

But here’s the thing.

The “big stuff” won’t work until we create habits using the basics.

The basics work! 

In our everyday lives, the basics of eating well, washing, getting quality sleep, and looking after our family and homes are all basic but essential for life. Those things create a strong foundation that will work for you and with you – no matter what curveballs life throws.

In Pilates, it’s the same.

Which is why we’ve created our Back to Basics Matwork Pilates Challenge, and we’ve got an absolute cracker of a deal to get you going.

Over the next couple of months, we are focusing on the power of the mat, the cornerstone of the Pilates system.

No frills, no equipment needed, just a mat and your body against gravity for resistance.

  • Learn how to get your pelvis in the right place for optimal alignment everywhere else.
  • Find your ‘scoop’ – the deeper work of Pilates that gets your muscles firing with strength and length from the inside out.
  • Separate your backbones for heavenly spinal decompression and space.
  • Get control over your foundations.
  • Create regular habits that work.
  • Reinforce and practice for a positive mindset. 

This course is perfect for:

  • Beginners trying Pilates for the first time
  • Those in need of a refresher
  • Those who have been practicing on the apparatus but have overlooked their mat practice
  • Postnatal (without abdominal separation)
  • Those wishing to work at a slower or more basic pace
  • Anyone with back or joint grumbles (not in current pain that are seeing medical intervention)

Do you want to know the best bit?

It’s available in person at our studio in Hitchin and online, so you can take advantage of this opportunity wherever you are.

The info

  • Back to Basics Matwork Pilates Challenge
  • 45 minute class
  • Mondays 8.20pm 
  • Choose any 8 classes
  • Between 29th January – 25th March (9 weeks)
  • £80 in-studio / £64 online.


SIGN UP NOW IN -STUDIO (can be also taken online if you need to swop)

mat pilates
mat pilates
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