It’s time for a little self love, personal development and a spot of learning for your inner geek!

Do you know your order, transitions and springs on the Reformer? Do you know what’s right for your body and what you may need to leave out?
Improve your knowledge of the Reformer with this 4 week short Up-skill course.

Fridays 5.30-6pm

There is no “Reformer Pilates” in Joe Pilates’ method. It’s not about working out on one piece of apparatus, but learning to workout for yourself on the Reformer and using it as the teaching assistant it is, to inform your teacher and yourself information about your body’s needs, which bits are a bit tight, what shapes you are finding difficult to make, where the weaker parts are etc.

In our Studio work classes, you work traditionally as Mr Pilates intended with the Reformer for your workout, and the rest of the studio apparatus to finesse and fine tune your individual issues. It’s like personal training but shared!
Get to know the basic exercises and Classical order of the Reformer so you can take yourself through your own 20 minute basic workout with knowledge of the correct set up of exercises, transitions, spring choices and any specific modifications that may apply to you.

Become a more independent practitioner of Pilates but learning the basics well and enhance your whole Studio class experience. Learn how to take yourself through a 20 minute foundation level Reformer workout, from which you can then develop.

BOOK NOW: Friday 5.30-6pm for 4 weeks. 28th Feb – 20th March. £49

NB: Please note this is a 4 week up-skill at a specific course time. Max 2 people only per course time. Make up of sessions is not possible. Perfect for beginners or those still unfamiliar with their own order on the Reformer. This is not suitable for you if you have specific injuries, pain or joint issues that you need 1:1 help with.

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