Do you feel tight or weak in your back?

Have you got grumbly back aches and pains?

Daily life, gravity, and rounded posture through desk working, cycling, gardening, picking up the children, and lifting weights – all contributes to a more compressed spine.

In these sessions, we’ll lead you through a progressive series of classes to help you build an internal suspension to restore the natural space between your vertebrae.

Learn how to decompress your spine, find space for your joints and vital organs and strengthen your lower abdominals using just the mat, your body and gravity!

This class is available in person in our Hitchin Pilates studio or live-streamed for you to join in at home whenever you are.

Starting w/c 19th June through to end August.
Mondays 8.15pm with Fiona and Wednesdays 12.30pm with Ellen

Join in anytime for as many classes as you wish, but a full course is welcomed to be progressive.

Suitable for all from complete beginners, those looking to take things slow, anyone postnatal, regularly practitioners who want to either an extra dedicated back class, or for anyone wanting to join in for classes online.

BOOK HERE. Please note if you are booking into the studio or the live streamed online class

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