Do you need help improving the function and control of your pelvic floor muscles?

In this specialist five-week course, you will learn tried-and-tested techniques to support and restore your pelvic floor muscles using floor-based exercises, releases, breathwork, and light hand weights/resistance.

Like any other muscle, the pelvic floor needs strengthening and stretching to ensure correct function. The pelvic floor muscles help with bladder and bowel control and sexual functions and support the pelvis and lower back.

They can get weakened by hormone changes, menopause, and peri-menopause, hyper-mobility, aging, pregnancy, birth, operations, weak back or weak abs, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Leakage, stress incontinence, lack of sexual function, over-activity and tightness, weakness, or prolapse- we can help.

They can also get overactive and tight from an overly controlled tight abdominal wall, clenching, stress, and poor breathing.

  • We’ll show you how to use the breath and movement for optimal pelvic floor activation.
  • Learn how to activate the pelvic floor functionally through movement.
  • Develop exercises within the studio that you can also do at home.

All classes can be taken in isolation, but it is recommended you come for the full 5 weeks for development and progress.

Course run by Ellen Tipping, specialist trainer in women’s health and dysfunction, pelvic floor healing, c-section healing, abdominal separation, pre and post natal, and Pilates expert.

2024 Course Dates 8.15 -9.10pm – 5 weeks £78 studio/ £70 online.


  • Book for all five weeks at the booking page.
  • If you book online, you must get a special fascia release ball directly from the supplier. Orders yours directly 280gr – any colour, from Tuftex
  • We hold no responsibility for you not having this ball, you will still be able to participate but some of the releases will not be possible.
  • Login to your account 10-15 mins before the class starts and you will see a Livestream button which you click on to access the class (get your zoom logged in first to be ready) or check your emails as you will be sent a reminder email 10-15 mins before the class starts. Only those booked in to the course will be given access from the waitroom to the class so do check you buy then book on all the weeks!
  • All courses end at the dates shown and cannot be rolled over to other dates.
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