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Pilates & Yoga teachers wanted for maternity leave cover June-Dec 2016

Check out our jobs page for info

Pilates Intro Courses in Hitchin

If you're new to Pilates, or you've practiced Pilates before but would like to go back over the basics, then a 4 week Intro to Pilates course is the ideal place to start. We run courses throughout the year, but book early to reserve your space. Book your course now - or click here to find out more.

Forthcoming Intro to Pilates Courses:

Wednesdays: 8 - 9pm. 3rd Feb - 24th Feb > BOOK NOW
Tuesdays: 7 - 8pm. 9th Feb - 1st Mar > BOOK NOW
Thursdays: 10 - 11am. 25th Feb - 17th Mar > BOOK NOW

Post natal Pilates- Mondays 10.30am. Starts 8th Feb.

Post natal & bring the babies: Mondays 10.30-11.30am.
8th Feb - 29th Feb > BOOK NOW

Post natal Pilates £50 for those whole 4 week term dates, or pay as you go single class credits £16 per class. You are welcome to attend a regular Intro course but we recommend a modified Post natal Pilates if you've just had baby and are returning to exercise.

Show Joe!

Joseph Pilates...

  • Joseph Pilates created his Pilates method with men in mind! He was a boxer and this passion for strength and conditioning continued into his ethos behind Pilates to make you strong. It was reported that well known boxers used to train with Joe in Pilates to harden their abdomen for the strong boxing blows they would receive!

  • Pilates used to be known as 'Contrology' and was later named Pilates after Joseph Pilates died.

  • In Joe's studio, he taught the Pilates method on special apparatus. Using these machines made all the difference, helping the muscles and mind learn and respond quicker. This meant faster results! Matwork exercises would be given as homework to practice inbetween the 3-4 weekly studio sessions.

  • Pilates has been well documented to provide excellent core strength and lower back stabilisation which helps prevent and improve back and joint pain.

That's why we're dedicated to all aspects of Pilates and it's traditions. It's not just a class for breathing and stretching but a unique dynamic way to give you full body conditioning and strength, joint mobility and freedom, muscular flexiblility and suppleness, balance, co-ordination, grace and control.

Plus it's load of fun!

Ok thanks - close me!

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Pilates will make you feel GREAT!

The Pilates method (or Contrology as it was originally named) is a system of exercises in a unique order that when performed all together, with links between for smooth transitions will help you:

Benefits of Pilates.....

  • Move your body in all the ways it can to keep to keep your body supple.
  • Learn to unweight your spine and joints against gravity for a long flexible spine
  • Develop a strong centre/core to support your movements.
  • Create flexible, strong, streamline and uniformed muscles from head to toe
  • Improve lower back and joint pain.
  • Gain better co-ordination, balance and improved circulation.
  • Improve breathing patterns and lung capacity.
  • Low impact, high on results
  • Perform your daily activities and movements with more ease.

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Personal Training

Move well everyday!

The key to a healthy spine and reducing back and joint pain is moving well every day! During February we have a great offer to help you do just that!

Book 3 x 1 hour 1:1's with Clair or Ellen this Feb and save £22.50- now £120.

Choose Pilates or Yoga with Clair. Choose Pilates, Dance or Barre class with Ellen. Whatever you choose, or a combination of them all- we'll help you move well! Use code TRYNEW when booking. T&C: session to be used before end Feb 2016.

See what singer and west end star Kerry Ellis had to say about her 1:1 sessions

Pilates Equipment Class

Pilates was always meant to be done on equipment, Matwork was your homework!

We all strive to perform the original advanced 34 mat work exercises with perfect grace, poise, strength and control, but for most of us, getting there is a journey that takes some time. To help our bodies learn faster along the way, Pilates was designed to be done on apparatus. Working with the apparatus allows you to get feedback, support and challenge in order to learn the strength, flexibility and, control you need to then be able to master the floor matwork with just your own body weight.

Take advantage of the apparatus in our studio in Twin Reformer Classes and Equipment Classes.

Twin Reformer Classes: 1 hour using the Universal Reformers for just 2 people per class. Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays 9am, Fridays 6pm, Saturdays 1.15pm (twice a month) Sundays 11am.

Pilates Equipment Class: Traditional Pilates "circuit" style working with traditional equipment such as Reformers, arc barrels, weights, magic circles and modern bands, rollers, balls for the body to learn all the tools in it's box!
Sundays 9.00-9.50am.

Have you tried our new FAT BURNING JUMPBOARD CLASSES yet? Using the Pilates Reformer Jumpboard, this intensive 30 minute class will target your powerhouse (abs, glutes, back) along with intense toning for the legs, whilst raising the heart and working the lungs! You'll feel fab! Look out for them on the booking timetable.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates


Having a baby can play havoc on your back!

Pregnancy changes the posture and alignment of the spine and adds increased pressure onto the spine, joints and organs. Help support your back, stretch tight muscles and improve control and strength to your deep abdominals and pelvic floor muscles with modified Pilates in our specialist pregnancy Pilates. This is the time to support you and baby.
Once baby is here, move into Post Natal Pilates for those crucial 'hello and welcome back' moments to your weakened and stretched deep support muscles. We'll help you regain your muscles, overall body tone and help you get back into shape again from the inside out, safely and effectively.

Pregnany Pilates class- every Saturday 11am-12.00
Post natal Pilates class- Mondays 10.30-11.30am (bring the babies along!)

Next term date starts 8th Feb. BOOK HERE


We're proud to be working with FittaMamma - pre and post natal fitness wear. Use promo code: ADR022 to get 10% off purchases on their website.


Yoga and Pilates 50:50 Class

You don't have to be flexible to do yoga, but doing yoga will make you feel more flexible!

If you're feeling as stiff as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, there's nothing like Yoga to get things lengthened and stretched, whilst adding it to 1/2 hour of Pilates aswell will provide you with back and joint friendly support and strength. Happy body, happy you!

Get the best of both worlds with our Pilates & Yoga 50:50 class:
Fridays at 10:15am - 11:15am and Saturdays 10:00-11:00

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