man with bad back

There is often a rise in the number of people with back and joint pain during the summer months.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 reasons why this happens:

1) In the warmer months, people tend to rest more and do less movement. Your back and joints won’t thank you for it as they need movement to help lubricate. Keep up with some gentle Pilates with this great Matwork on the Wall workout by Rufina.

2) Increased temperatures make you sweat more leading to dehydration. Your back discs need hydration.

3) Travel – whether long car journeys, flights or tight train seats, leave you sedentary for long periods and often in awkward positions or overly rounded lumbar. Your back likes movement, Sciatica loves sedentary rounded backs!

4) Holiday bed = different mattress. Too soft and your back won’t get enough support leading to potential sacroiliac issues, facet locking, sciatic nerve pain and inflammation.

Don’t be a statistic. Instead…

1) Keep moving, even gently.

2) Drink like a fish. Water that is. Those holiday cocktails aren’t going to count!

3) Keep wiggly, changing position, standing up if possible.

4) Firm up between the mattress and the slats.

Mark from Woodside Osteopathic Clinic in Hitchin gave Michelle this recommendation after her recent holiday left her with a painful back on day 1!

“When holidaying, if the mattress you are on is too soft and you can’t improve it, alternate between sleeping on the floor and the bed. And get yourself to an Osteopath!”

Feel like moving now… check out our Matwork on the Wall video again!

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