There are 4 main parts to Pilates and they all work together.

  • 1 – Mind
  • 2- Powerhouse
  • 3- Movement
  • 4- Breath

Today, we’re taking a look at Mind.🧠

Pilates is a mind-body exercise but what does that actually mean and why is it important?

👉Joe Pilates called his method Contrology; the art and study of control.

👌It’s the mind that controls the centre of the body (what we refer to as the Powerhouse- more on that later!)

🤜The mind is the hardest thing to control, especially as a new student, a new teacher to learn, or for those with busy minds and even busier lifestyles (who are in fact the most in need of mind-body focus!)

🤘The mind when focused allows control over our movements and breath, calms our nervous system down and relaxes overly tight muscles.

🙌 The mind needs to be exercised like any other muscle. Doing Pilates can help you train and strengthen your mind, to focus, to remember, to react, to think, to imagine, to feel and to learn.

So it’s a bit like doing Sodoku without the crossword and better leggings! 🤣

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