Pilates is based around the main four S’s

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Stretch
  • Stamina

Those four things are what’s going to give your whole body balance and support.

This unique exercise system uses these four things in combination with each other, whereas in most fitness techniques, you would have to strengthen something and then use a different exercise or piece of equipment for stretching.

Pilates does it all! And uniquely to Pilates, it works inside out meaning you work the body’s internal support muscles to help control the external body. We use the body’s internal core support for resistance against gravity (that’s the matwork) or against gravity and the force of the apparatus springs (that’s all the other spring work like Reformers, Towers, Chairs etc)

Learn more about Classical Pilates and how it works here.

Check out Michelle’s video and a deep dive look into the four areas and why that’s so good for your body. (9 mins)

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