Each month we catch up with one of our clients, to ask them their take on their Pilates journey, the Pod and anything else they care to share!

This month, we caught up with long-standing client Amanda, who’s been with us since the very early days at Woodside Osteopathic Clinic, when there was just one reformer, and four people per class!

A huge thank you to Amanda. Enjoy.

Why did you first start Pilates ?

I had been doing mat work Pilates for a number of years in a big class in London but never really felt like it was doing much. A few years in, I had to have some back surgery and the surgeon said I needed a particular type of rehab which also included regular Pilates on a reformer and other equipment.

How did you come across the Pod and why did you choose to work with us?

I picked up a flyer about the Pilates Pod soon after they opened. Having moved from London to a village near Hitchin, I despaired of being able to find the quality of class that I was used to in London that would challenge me and also instructors that could work with my bad back issues. I started classes with Michelle and was impressed with both her dedication and the quality of instruction.

What are your early memories from the Pod?

Michelle constantly drove me to work harder and better. She is so passionate about her job and her business and I really admire that professional drive in her. Michelle and her instructors at the Pod often update their training so they too can continue to educate clients and push us with new exercises so it is never boring.

How has Pilates played a positive effect/change/impact to your physical journey?

I have had some health issues over the years that I have been taking classes and the instructors at the Pod are great and understanding them and working with them so I can continue to work out and stay in shape and stay mobile, and I am incredibly grateful for that. They have also treated me with a great deal of compassion as at times it has been painful and challenging.

Have there been any additional or unexpected benefits to your personal journey of being part of the Pod ?

When I had my son in 2014, having a chance to join the post natal class was wonderful as it gave me some time with my son but allowed me to continue to work out and was fun to boot. I have also got a wonderful ‘partner’ that I do a duet class with and I love the laughter we have in the classes we do with Clair who is an amazing teacher. The hour we spend has become a treasured ‘me’ time carved out of a crazy busy schedule of work/life now.

What’s your favourite piece of Classical apparatus and / or exercise?

I still love the reformer but I also enjoy the challenge of all the other equipment that Michelle has introduced over the time the Pod has been open….and I still hate The Hundred!

What would you say to someone who has only tried Matwork Pilates.

I hadn’t appreciated how much more the Pilates equipment would enable me to both minutely control muscles and push my work outs. I often struggle with back pain so a gym workout is out, but a good Pilates instructor coupled with good equipment enables you to get a challenging workout and tone without the risk and destructive pain that you get at the gym. It’s also relaxing too…on occasion. Try it!

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