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We know things have changed a lot in the last 12 months and life is still evolving post lockdown.
For us as a company, for you at home and work. How and when you exercise has changed too. That’s why we asked for your feedback in our survey, to find out where your lives where at now and what you wanted to see from us post lockdown.

Below are the results of the survey. As a combination of these results, of changes for us business wise, from what we have discussed in person with many of you and from what we have analysed in the attendance of sessions, we have made some changes to our group classes, to times of sessions and to our future plans.

What classes are you interested in and how often do you want to workout?

Most of you want a mix of virtual and studio classes but the main emphasis is on studio. Most of you want to workout 3 times a week with 2 times being a close runner up.

When you do you want your studio classes?

Weekdays- Most of you want late evenings 7-9pm, followed by morning 9am-12.00. But a new contender that is now wanted is mid week 5-7pm which was never something wanted pre lockdown.

Weekends have changed too. You still want mornings 9am- 12.00 but now also earlier morning between 7-9am.

What type of classes (studio and virtual) do you want to attend regularly?

The front runner is the studio apparatus class using the Tower. Second is joint tied between Virtual Mat Intermediate level, and Studio Reformer/Mat

Were you aware that from 17th May there were new Reformer/Mat classes to learn your orders, and were you aware we did Semi Private training?

Most of you said you didn’t know we were bringing in Reformer/Mat classes (but you have expressed you wanted to attend them in previous question.) Most of you were not aware of what semi private training is or use it.

Are you interested in us doing Video on Demand Workouts for you to join in at home?

Jury’s still out on this one. Most of you said somewhat interested, but then many said not interested at all.

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