Dear Podders

In light of the recent developments around the Corona Virus (Covid-19) outbreak and the government’s advice with regards to ‘social distancing’, we are working hard to do everything we can during this difficult time.

Our main focus, as ever, is your mental and physical well being. It’s what The Pilates Pod has always been about. That doesn’t change, especially during this period of concern and as the situation evolves, it is our desire and intention to do what we can to help you stay positive and healthy, and to do our bit within our community.

We are listening to you, our clients.

We hear you, when you tell us you’re apprehensive about feeling isolated, or about suspending your exercise routine, and what this could mean to your general health. We understand that many are afraid of losing the human connection, and how this might affect mental health.

In addition, we believe that staying active helps our bodies, and strengthens our immune system – helping us to be in the best physical condition we can be if we have to fight off an illness.

We understand, and as a small business we have our own anxieties also about how this unprecedented situation will unfold in the weeks to come.

Behind the scenes this week, we are putting into place our plans to bring you online, video classes that you will all be able to access with your membership or credit packs. We are excited about this development, which we had planned to introduce even before any of us had heard of the Corona Virus.

Tonight, during his latest press conference the Prime Minister recommended that we ‘avoid unnecessary contact’ with others. We are keeping abreast of changes to advice from the government, but for now we remain open with some modifications, taking their advice into account.

1) Please do not attend the studio if you are showing symptoms as described by the NHS, or have been in contact with others who have been unwell. Please stay at home, and follow advice to self-isolate as per NHS guidance.

2) If you are well, but consider yourself to have a ‘higher-risk’ of complications from Covid-19 – we would recommend continuing to exercise with us, either by changing your classes into 1:1 sessions (which can be taken in the studio or online), or taking part in our group online classes (further info below).

3) If you are currently in good health, and symptom free please continue to attend your classes or 1:1s as normal for now.

Please bear with us while we get our online mat classes in place. We’re hoping to have them up and running by the end of the week. We’ll be emailing you with a new timetable and an easy how-to guide to help you get started. One thing we can guarantee is that these classes will be full of variety, and just as fun and beneficial as you would expect from us. They will delivering fantastic benefits, a familiar voice, and well needed time out as so many of us begin working from home.

Bron on reception, is available to help anyone who wishes to make these changes but we would politely request that you email us or speak to her directly rather than to your teacher.

We’re aware that many larger gyms are unfortunately having to close temporarily and with so many people working from home, or having to self-isolate, we know that there are many people like your friends, family and colleagues who are desperate to keep moving their bodies, so spread the word – and they can purchase a space and join in too!

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your ongoing support during this unusual time. We hope that you’ll stick with us, and help us get through in the best possible health – and we’ll promise to do that same in return.

With love

Michelle, Ed and The Pilates Pod team. x

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