Studio Apparatus Classes

Pilates – the traditional way

If you have only ever heard of or tried, Matwork of Reformer, then come and try the authentic approach and take your Pilates to the next level. Working with the springs, the full apparatus and the traditionally made apparatus, is an integral part to getting the most out of your Pilates and an authentic experience of what the Pilates method is about.

Dramatically transform the way your body looks, feels and performs and it’s so much fun!

We recommend attending 2-3 group classes a week, mixing G.A.C with Virtual Mat plus either Reformer/Mat or Reformer/Tower or Barrels.


We offer three levels of group classes: Basic, Foundational, and Intermediate- each of which has a series of precisely ordered and designed exercises to strengthen, stretch and align the entire body. We always include and finish with standing exercises.

Basic- Suitable for beginners and those needing a slower pace or dealing with stability or weakness issues that require additional support. No experience needed. This class uses Pre -Pilates and the first 6 classical Mat work exercises to teach the principles of the Pilates method. You will work on the Tower/ Wall Unit with springs as resistance plus small supportive props to help you find your core, powerhouse and start giving space to your spine.
What to expect from this class: feet down, knees to chest, one leg work, bent legs, half roll back, mostly on your back, slower flow between exercises.

Foundational – Some experience required. This class will build on your knowledge of the classical Mat work and Tower exercises, adding work in the Mat and Tower on the front and side laying for the first time for increased challenge and load. Barrels will be introduced. This level should be worked strongly for some time to help prepare you to move into intermediate.
What to expect from this class: maintain 2 legs up to 90 degrees with deep abs, bent-straight leg, half roll back, swan prep, front and side work, learning to link exercises together for flow.

Intermediate 1– Good experience required. This class is a strong workout, comprising of a bigger library of exercises, adding in more flow for stamina, cleaner transitions between exercises and introduce more bending/extension, and more load, that which will go a long way towards keeping you in shape. You need experience of the full Intermediate mat order and no injuries.
What to expect from this class: maintain 2 legs at 45 degrees with deep abs, more complex movements that are not suitable for everyone, a deeper understanding from cues to help you get more from your work, a stronger pace for stamina and introducing overhead work.

Injuries and Group Classes

If you are living with a serious physical issue or injury or require more support and attention, we strongly suggest you start with private sessions as group classes are not the best place to address.

People doing Pilates on the Tower apparatus

Group Apparatus Classes G.A.C

G.A.C are Group Apparatus Classes for up to 7 people based on the Mat and the large apparatus  “tower.”

Small apparatus and props including magic circles (Pilates ring), hand and ankle weights, small barrels, toe correctors and weighted bars, will be used as necessary to enhance, challenge or support your experience of the apparatus and in varying levels.

This small group class experience gives participants the opportunity of maximizing personal attention and to work with the springs. Using this apparatus in this class will help to teach you how to work on the Reformer and to work unaided on the Mat.

An easy piece of apparatus to jump on and go, and a good place to start in your Pilates group class journey.


ladies reformer pilates

Group Reformer Classes

The Reformer is not a machine but a piece of apparatus that uses springs and pulleys for resistance to help move the carriage.

Learn how to use the Reformer as it is tradionally intended; to be a teaching assistant to you to help develop and improve your individual body needs.

There is a specific order of exercises and exercises are linked together with transitions. Using the Reformer will help you improve your Matwork, whilst using other apparatus in G.A.C will help improve your Reformer which is why our Reformer classes are not Reformer alone but mixed with Mat and/or Tower.

Group classes are for 6 people and are run as weekly classes in Reformer & Mat or Reformer & Tower. 


woman doing pilates from home with dog

Group Barrels Class

The barrel collection are a series of arcs designed to open tightness across the chest, hips and back whilst correcting the curves of your spine for a more ideal alignment. 

This class focuses mainly on the Small Barrel with some use of the Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel as needed, whilst also challenging the Mat exercises with a smaller base of support.

Perfect for those wanting to develop their practice and their body, and a great antidote to rounded upper back posture and desk work!

Group classes are for 7 people but are not suitable if you’re new to Pilates or you have a weak back/abdominal control. Use springs and Matwork to help strength and stability before attending.