Wellbeing Programme

Welcome to our new monthly Wellbeing Programme at The Pilates Pod. Each month, we’ll be welcoming first-class practitioners who will share their topics through workshops and classes to enrich your life, compliment what we do physically, and balance mental wellbeing.

The programme will change each month so check our website and social media for dates, times and what’s going on. We’re excited to be introducing Meditation, Breathwork, Qi Gong, Sound Baths, Pelvic Floor Help, Menopause, Yoga and self care energy work to name a few!

If you’re already a Pilates Pod Class Member, our Wellbeing Sessions are included with no extra charge in your membership for 2022. You can use your class membership to come to Pilates AND these sessions.
If you’re not on a membership, no problem! It’s easy just to buy a drop in session for the Wellbeing Programme programme.

Book now for December’s Wellbeing Programme.

All sessions £12 drop in unless otherwise stated, and apply to the specific class and date only.

  • Seasonal Gentle Yoga with Melissa | BOOK NOW
    Sunday 18th December: 12.30 – 1.30pm
    Melissa’s style of yoga is simply wonderful. Enjoy a gentle physical practice that fuses Melissa’s work with the seasonal changes, qi gong energies and relaxation. A great practice for the mind as well as the body!
  • Online Meditation & Breathwork with Michelle | BOOK NOW
    Sunday 18th December: 09.00 – 09.45am
    Michelle is bringing back her popular online class we did in lockdown. The breath is the most important gift we own but most of us still don’t breathe well! In this class, we’ll use different breathing techniques to help you deal with trauma, physical pain as well as stress related problems. The breath is also the link to the art of meditation to quieten the chattering mind. Give yourself this gift of peace and meditation.