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We’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their goals since we opened our doors in 2011. We see each individual as exactly that – an individual with unique aspirations for how they would like to change their body.

We’re incredibly proud of our clients, who achieve incredible things on a daily basis with our support and guidance. Here are just a few recent testimonials:

I’ve just started having 1:1 sessions at The Pilates Pod and I can already see how it’s going to revolutionise my training programme. The apparatus gives you phenomenal feedback and you have no choice but to engage your muscles properly to perform each movement with control.


Classical Pilates has hit all the small muscles that can get overlooked but need to be strong and stable for optimal performance.

As someone who has tried different training methods over the years, this is one that’s low impact and low intensity but with incredible, body changing results. If you think you know Pilates, think again! – 

Thank you Laura (via Facebook)

I began taking classes at the Pilates Pod after having my first baby in 2016 and it was the best gift I could give myself. They were able to help me correct diastases recti and get me feeling feel strong and flexible again. During my second pregnancy I treated myself to semi-private classes on the reformer and cannot wait to get back to it once I’m released for exercise. The reformer is really next level! Michelle and her team are outstanding. Knowledgeable, encouraging and really fabulous people to know.

Thank you Sarah (via Facebook)

Feeling fantastic thanks to the excellent teaching at The Pilates Pod, Hitchin. Small classes, well tutored and with a good range of equipment to help speed up the process of building up those muscles, becoming fitter and more flexible! Loving it! ********** (10 stars out of 10!)

Thank you Adeline (via Facebook)

I love this place….Small classes, wonderful instructors who really know their stuff and always tailor exercises to meet individual needs. And now they have all this new pilates apparatus. After trying my first Tower class all I can say is …Wow and Yay! The Pilates Pod just got even better!

Thank you Nora (via Facebook)

It’s easy to be dedicated at The Pilates Pod. I started Pilates with a running-sized hole in my life, after tendon problems left me unable to do long-distance races.

The Pod quickly met my search for a new challenge. The team not only rebuilt the parts of my body that had been injured, I also noticed other benefits too.

I am now much straighter when I walk, my stomach is flatter and I have next to know headaches – something that used to really plague me.

You can tell that Pilates (done correctly) is a whole body workout. Now Pilates at the Pod is ‘my thing’, and I feel privileged to have such an awesome facility and people on my doorstep.


Thank you Natalie.

I have been walking and moving differently all week. I can’t believe from just one session that the work we did on my feet, got my hips and back feeling better


Thank you Linda.

Great local Pilates studio. I attended tower class which was something I have never tried before. Group was small and the instructor knowledgeable. She fixed my many mistakes which I did not realise I did. As a person who always did pilates on her living room floor, I now really look forward to the mat workout at this studio too.


Thank you Evelina

@ThePilatesPod Thank you for my pregnancy classes, quickest birth with the biggest baby, went well! Post partum first breathing exercises are helping with after pains too! XXxx


Thank you Gemma and congratulations!

 My Pilates journey started about two and a half years ago. I had been a runner for a few years and knew I needed to Start being a bit kinder to my body. Indeed a couple of weeks after starting at the Pilates Pod I severely tore my calf muscle whilst running. My weekly Classical one-to-one sessions with Ellen have helped me through some Of the toughest times in my personal life. Pilates has been a form of meditation for me, where I have forgotten about the world for an hour a week. It has been my ‘happy’ place. The benefits to my body are that I have grown stronger and been fairly injury free. My once frequent back pain, piriformis issues and mortens neuroma are all much less frequent visitors. I am now starting to do a few classes but I would definitely recommend starting out on and one to one basis if you are new to Pilates.


Thank you Lisanne

Taster session @ThePilatesPod to see what authentic Pilates is about. Great session with the owner Michelle. Would definitely recommend.


Thank you Hitchin Osteopathy

Excellent session @ThePilatesPod very informative. The approach here is very needs focused and is so much more than just mats or reformers @ASK-Physio

Thank you Sarah @therightposture

So good to be back at the pilates pod. Better than any doctor/physio for me.

Thank you Victoria



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