Virtual Pilates

Welcome to VIRTUAL Pilates Pod – bringing the Pod to your home!


Pilates isn’t about the exercises you do, it’s about what you learn from your body as you do those exercises, how they translate to your every day life and how that benefits you as an individual. With our Pod virtual online classes, 1:1’s and learning workshops, YOU can join in from wherever you are with our live online sessions.

A message from our founder Michelle Smith:

Covid19 lockdown taught us that when certain freedoms are taken away, the basic things that really matter to people are health, exercise and human connection.  In a world of ever growing stresses, fast pace and pressure, the best investment you can make is time for your own mind and body well-being. Now you can do it from the comfort of your home. Many people have heard about our reputation but live too far away to physically come to the studio so we’re thrilled more people will be able to benefit from our expertise and our way of teaching.”

We can’t wait to see you soon!”

Class Times (45 mins)

  • Saturdays: 11.10am Matwork – Essential & Intermediate Level with Roly
  • Sundays: 10.15am Matwork – Family Friendly – Basic Level with Kate. (Kids, babies and fur babies encourage to join in!)
  • Mondays: 7.20pm Matwork & Fascia Work with Roly

5 Steps to Online Class Success

Before signing up for an online class via Zoom,  please check this post and follow all the advice.  It contains all the info you need to have a successful online experience, ensuring you get our automated class booking links, class descriptions, info on props you may need and tips on taking care of your body yourself when participating online.


There are two simple ways to pay for your classes. Most people choose to join as a member, taking advantage of the added benefits available, others prefer to purchase credit packs. Either way, it’s easy to purchase book your sessions online via this website or on The Pilates Pod app. 


  • Most cost effective way to attend.
  • Pay monthly and book your classes up to a year in advance.
  • Access to our POD TV Video on Demand service included.
  • Join as Pod Live Member (Virtual classes only) OR Pick any Studio Membership and become a PLUS member, to get unlimited virtual classes included.
Join the Podsquad!


  • Pack of 10 virtual classes = £110  BOOK
    Use your classes within 4 months from purchase date.
  • Single Virtual Class = £12.50  BOOK
    Use your class within 2 weeks from purchase date.


  • To use across studio and virtual classes. Flexible attendance, no commitment. Come as often as you like using just one pack!
  • 24 Credits = £132.00  BOOK
    • Virtual matwork = 2 credits.
    • Studio matwork = 3 credits
    • Group apparatus classes = 4 credits.
    • A top up credit (1 credit) is available to purchase at a cost of £5.50 in the event that your current pack does not have enough total credits for the session you wish to attend.


Suitable for beginners and those needing a slower pace or dealing with stability or weakness issues that require additional support. No experience needed. This class uses Pre -Pilates and the first 6 classical Mat work exercises to teach the principles of the Pilates method. You will work on the Tower/ Wall Unit with springs as resistance plus small supportive props to help you find your core, powerhouse and start giving space to your spine.

What to expect from this class:

Feet down, knees to chest, one leg work, bent legs, half roll back, mostly on your back, slower flow between exercises.


Some experience required. This class will build on your knowledge of the classical Mat work and Tower exercises, adding work in the Mat and Tower on the front and side laying for the first time for increased challenge and load. Barrels will be introduced. This level should be worked strongly for some time to help prepare you to move into intermediate.

What to expect from this class:

Maintain 2 legs up to 90 degrees with deep abs, bent-straight leg, half roll back, swan prep, front and side work, learning to link exercises together for flow.

Intermediate 1

Good experience required. This class is a strong workout, comprising of a bigger library of exercises, adding in more flow for stamina, cleaner transitions between exercises and introduce more bending/extension, and more load, that which will go a long way towards keeping you in shape. You need experience of the full Intermediate mat order and no injuries.

What to expect from this class:

Maintain 2 legs at 45 degrees with deep abs, more complex movements that are not suitable for everyone, a deeper understanding from cues to help you get more from your work, a stronger pace for stamina and introducing overhead work.

Online Private Training

Enjoy the benefit of 1:1 or Duet 1:2 with our expert teachers from wherever you are. We will follow the Pre Pilates and Classical Pilates orders to create sessions for your needs using whatever Pilates apparatus you have, or allow us to work on the Matwork system whilst adapting normal items around your home to simulate an apparatus session from the studio. Magic circles, flexi bands and fascia balls can be purchased from us and delivered within the UK with postal costs. See Private Training page for more info.

Online Waiver and Health Questionnaire

Your health is important to us. Please take a moment to complete our online waiver and to download your health questionnaire. You can print this out, fill in and take a phone screenshot photo or scan it then return by email to hello@thepilatespod.co.uk. Both these things must be completed before your first session.