Group Mat Classes

roup Mat Classes

The ultimate goal of Pilates. No toys, no support, no resistance. Just your body, gravity and the mat.
It’s what Joe Pilates called your homework between studio apparatus sessions. 

Most of our mat classes feature now as Virtual Mat from the comfort of your own home or work. But we also have some Studio Mat classes that are also live streamed for others to join in online.

Classes are performed in the studio on the traditional high mat which are the highest quality and firmly padded for your spine’s protection, as well as featuring feet straps and hand dowels. We may also use small props such as a magic circle (Pilates ring) or arm weights when appropriate, though from home this is not essential.

We offer three levels of mat class: Basic, Essential and Intermediate. Each of which has a series of precisely ordered and designed floor exercises to strengthen, stretch and align the entire body.