Workshop 9am – 11am – Saturday 7th December 2019


Pelvic Floor issues can result in pelvic pain, bladder or bowel weakness or incontinence, poor or painful sexual function, instability in the pelvic/lumbar area resulting in back pain, and poor posture.

They may be caused by repetitive exercise, always standing or demo-ing on one side, overload of weight or spring work, excess body weight, hypermobility, pregnancy or childbirth and straining whilst going to the toilet.

Many of these issues can easily be cleared up by understanding more about your body mechanics, understanding your alignment and skeleton and muscles imbalances, breath work, and doing some regular homework to address them*

So what IS your Pelvic Floor?

During this workshop, we shall look at some of the issues, the symptoms, and the formula for success using the Release- Realign- Restore technique from the Centre for Womens Fitness (suitable for men too!!) You will be able to use these as homework technique for long term success.

At The Pilates Pod, we are trained experts in Classical Pilates but also, pelvic floor health and dysfunction and womens wellness education to empower people to move well.


*If you need deeper help, we recommend you see a womens health physio for diagnosis, assessment and manual physical release of your pelvic floor.