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Move well every day! Start Pilates today!

4 week Beginners Intro to Pilates Course. Only
£50. Max 8 per class.

Pilates is a whole body conditioning exercise. Low impact so suitable for everyone, but high on results! It focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, tone, flexibility and posture using your inner core stabilising muscles to control each movement which provide better trunk support and improved lower back and joint pain.

Come and try our 4 week Beginners Course to help you find your core muscles, learn the Classical Matwork exercises at a suitable Intro level, and be introduced to the wonderful world of the small props and Reformers. You'll feel great for doing it, and your back and joints will love you forever! Move onto our regular group classes afterwards.

Book your intro course now. Next available places

Wednesdays: 8 - 9pm. 3rd Feb - 24th Feb > BOOK NOW
Tuesdays: 7 - 8pm. 9th Feb - 1st Mar > BOOK NOW
Thursdays: 10 - 11am. 25th Feb - 17th Mar > BOOK NOW

Another great option is to take your intro course as a series of personalised 1:1 sessions. We'll run through the whole course, as quickly as you like at a time that suits you (subject to available PT sessions), so you can work through the whole programme in a week if you prefer!

We'll also give you your first class for free, so you can put what you've learnt into practice straight away.

Contact us now for more information - or book online today!