New to Pilates? Get 3 weeks unlimited Pilates with our new Studio Fundamental classes.

3 Weeks Unlimited Pilates

Pilates is a life skill – you can’t take your teacher home with you! Independence is key.


Pilates as Joe Pilates intended it.

A semi-private class with just 4 people, this class is delivered just how Joseph Pilates chose to work his client’s long term. In Joe’s studio you would start with Private sessions where he introduced the repertoire on the apparatus, gave some mat work (meant for you to do as homework) and something that your body particularly needed on the other apparatus and smaller props. In the semi-private classes, he then left you to self practice these lessons taught, only when he saw you develop would he introduce something new for you to work on and so on.

Unlimited Classes for 3 weeks

We’re now offering you the opportunity to try Pilates as many times as you like for just £60 during 3 weeks in out fantastic Studio Fundamentals Class. Book now.

Fundamentals class

At The Pilates Pod, we don’t leave you quite quite as Joe did to practice. Our Fundamentals classes of just 4 people will give you a place to experience, learn and practice the fundamentals of the full studio work but with the trained eye, guided and support of the teacher for correction, learning and challenge. This is the best approach to your progression, when you are guided but also allowed to explore. Training in this way creates a strong, independent, focused mind which develops over time the internal changes you are looking for to your body.

Experience Pilates on mat and reformer

In the Fundamentals levels, you will be learning your orders in Matwork and Reformer, explore the roll back bar, arm springs, breathing bridge, weights and wall endings with modifications and adjustments needed for your personally as necessary.

Fundamentals are the basics of the whole studio experience, so whilst essential for anyone new to Pilates, they are highly recommend if you have any prior Pilates experience who may not have practiced in this way before.

We recommend a minimum of 5-10 Fundamentals Classes performed twice a week, before moving into Semi Private sessions and Mat Classes. Perfect too for anyone at any time experiencing back or joint issues, pelvic floor issues, post natal (on top of the post natal class).

Book your fundamental classes now.

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