Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at the Pod

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at The Pilates Pod
Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at The Pilates Pod

Did you know we are the only Pilates studio in the area that offers a full circle of care?

Here’s why…

  • We are specialists in Pre and Post natal Pilates, as well as further specialist training in healing for diastasis recti/abdominal separation, caesarean section and pelvic floor issues and prolapse. Don’t suffer alone, book in for private training and we can help you.
  • Are you pregnant? Attend Saturdays 11:00am with the other mums-to-be and work together with your suitable modifications.
  • Unlike anywhere else, continue to use any unused credits after baby is born to attend our post natal class on Mondays 10:30am (within 10 weeks of your baby’s birth)
  • 5 week post natal Matwork Pilates courses (babies are welcome!) is a must do early on after baby is born to get your inside body strong before too much car seat carrying, buggy pushing and baby lifting takes the strain on you weakened body. Forget the running, aerobics and stomach sit ups, get to essential Pilates. Book in early from 6 week post natal midwife check.

Don’t wait too long! YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Most ladies are no longer offered a postnatal check. We recommend getting one privately with a Womens’ health physio if not and getting to our studio for professional help for the recovery for at least 10 sessions then move into regular classes. Postnatal mums can also attend Studio Fundamentals after one course of Post Natal matwork.

Find out more, call 01462 338002 or email the studio

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Owner of the multi award winning, small but perfectly formed, The Pilates Pod in Hitchin. Been a lover and instructor for Pilates for 12 years. After it helped me get rid of back pain from a car accident , helped me through pregnancy, post natal tone up and general fitness, I just love spreading the Pilates love!

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