March MATness Challenge

Every March, participants across the global Pilates community share their love for the work in a synchronized social media campaign.

march matness

Created in 2013 by Benjamin Degenhardt,  now, the campaign has moved completely into the hands of the fans that MarchMATness has gathered since the very beginning: using the hashtag #MarchMATness, everyone is invited to contribute their stories, pictures, videos and any tidbits of education and inspiration they want to share across all social media channels.

What is unique about the campaign is that for one month, the community pays tribute to the traditional Mat exercises as documented by Joseph Pilates in his book Return to Life through Contrology

34 flowing exercises using your own body weight that are invigorating and effective in conditioning the body and that were given as homework to clients inbetween studio apparatus sessions.

At The Pilates Pod, we are big supporters of this movement and love to spread the joy that is Pilates Matwork as an accessible workout you can do anywhere, anytime, with just yourself!

We believe Pilates should be fun, and easy. So often it’s over complicated with too many instructions, even before you have moved! We believe movement heals, so let’s get the body moving and flowing first with simple clear easy instructions without overthinking it, trying to get it perfect and over analysis – JUST ENJOY AND MOVE!

Join in our March MATness Challenge. Earn points, Win prizes!

  • For every Mat class you attend in March, you earn 1 POINT

  • Matwork with Small Props- Saturdays 10am & Sundays 9am, you earn 2 POINTS

  • Book a friend/family member on the Intro to Matwork 4 wk course, earn 2 POINTS

  • Join in March MATness on social media (see info below) and get 1 POINT per post.

    The person with the most points at the end of March will win a 55 minute 1:1 Private Training session AND a Pod Squad T-shirt. Plus 4 Runners Up will win a Pilates DVD AND 1 weekend Mat class.

To help you cram in those extra mat classes, we’re giving you the chance to buy some extra credits at a fantastic low price in March.
10 credits £110 – expires 8 weeks from purchase. Use Code Marchmat10. BOOK
5 credits £60- expires 4 weeks from purchase. Use Code Marchmat5. BOOK

4 weeks Full Classical Intro to Matwork with apprentice teacher Stephen- Mondays 8-8.55pm 12th March – 9th April (excludes bank holiday 2nd April) BOOK

Joe Funny

Ready to join the movement? Fantastic! March is a particularly great month to embark on a Pilates Mat practice because the entire Pilates community is helping you get inspired and educated. Perhaps even pick up a copy of Return to Life through Contrology, the original Pilates book by the method’s founding father himself!

First, roll out your Mat. Then follow these simple steps:

1. Follow March MATness on social media

Visit @marchmatness at Facebook or Instagram. Actually, why not both?

2. Pick an exercise from the list

You can pick as many exercises as you like… why not all 34?

1. #hundred
2. #rollup
3. #rollover
4. #onelegcircle
5. #rollingback
6. #onelegstretch
7. #doublelegstretch
8. #spinestretch
9. #rockerwithopenlegs
10. #corkscrew
11. #saw
12. #swandive
13. #onelegkick
14. #doublelegkick
15. #neckpull
16. #scissors and #bicycle
17. #shoulderbridge
18. #spinetwist
19. #jackknife
20. #sidekick
21. #teaser
22. #hiptwist
23. #swimming
24. #legpulls (front and back)
25. #kneelingsidekick
26. #sidebend
27. #boomerang
28. #seal and #crab
29. #rocking
30. #controlbalance
31. #pushup

3. Create something worth sharing

It could be a photograph, a video, musings, practice tips, a drawing… any form of creative expression is welcome but remember: it’s not a challenge, and it’s not a contest… it’s a celebration!

4. Note the date(s) for each exercise

To synchronize the campaign, the number on the list above corresponds with the day of the exercise’s turn; March 15 is The Neck Pull, for example.

5. Add hashtags

To connect with everyone participating, use the corresponding hashtag as listed above with each exercise. Be sure to add the hastags #marchmatness2018  #thepilatespod #justhavefunandmove #progressnotperfection and don’t forget to use the right # for the name of the corresponding exercise for that day.

6. Spread the word!

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, your blog, tell your friends…
Be sure to tag @thepilatespod on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram or we won’t know you are there! Or you can email us and we’ll share your posts

See you on the Mat!
Michelle x

Written by Michelle Smith
Owner, The Pilates Pod

About michellePod

Owner of the multi award winning, small but perfectly formed, The Pilates Pod in Hitchin. Been a lover and instructor for Pilates for 12 years. After it helped me get rid of back pain from a car accident , helped me through pregnancy, post natal tone up and general fitness, I just love spreading the Pilates love!

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