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Thank you Joe and Clara Pilates for this fantastic Pilates method! We’re celebrating International Pilates Day in May with some special offers


Use Promo Code – PILATESDAY10


Book with reception using Promo Code – PILATESDAYFRIEND once your friends have booked and used your name as referral



Available on Saturdays 10am, Sundays 10am, Mondays 7pm or 8pm. Use promo code
PILATESDAYMAT when booking in your 5 classes



Join us for a Guiness Book of World Records attempt for the largest pilates class, all in aid of raising money for the charity Humanitas.

We need over 3500 to take part, so bring some friends, bring the family and the kids, bring your work mates, bring your sports club!

Check out what’s happening on the day at the Diddy Rascals family fun day festival and book your place for this and the world record attempt.

Sunday July 8th, Hitchin Priory. 11am-7pm.
Pilates at 12.00-12.50pm


Didn’t get an invite from Meghan and Harry? Never mind, join us and a load of the Hitchin local businesses at the NCT free street party.

Watch the wedding on the outdoor screen, take part in our celebration lucky dip box to win great prizes, enjoy face painting, craft, raffles, meet a princess and entertainment.

Saturday May 19th, Market place, Hitchin. 10.30am-14.00pm.


Take part in the world's BIGGEST Pilates class
Take part in the world’s BIGGEST Pilates class

We’re inviting you to be involved in a once in a lifetime experience to create fitness history.

Michelle  will be attempting a Guinness World Record for the largest Pilates mat class and will help raise funds for local charity Humanitas at the same time.

We need over 3,500 people to take part in this amazing feat.

Pilates novices, veterans, teachers, clients, family of your clients, friends of the family of your clients, will all love this opportunity to get together, raise much needed funds for a brilliant cause, and gain record breaking bragging rights!

The Pilates Pod are a multi award winning classical Pilates studio in Hitchin. The world’s largest Pilates class is being held in celebration of Humanitas’ 7th Anniversary and to unite Pilates communities and fans all over for a great cause. We believe Pilates is for everyBODY

Humanitas is a creative, grassroots charity that has worked for more than a decade to protect and care for some of the world’s most vulnerable children and their families. Humanitas run medical, educational and foster care projects in Romania and Africa and have sent medical teams to deliver urgent treatment to refugees living in camps in Greece and Bangladesh. The charity is holding their annual Diddy Rascals family festival this Summer and the world record attempt will kick off the beginning of this one day extravaganza. They believe everyONE is entitled to health care, an education and a family.

Humanitas latest medical aid trip to the Rohingya refugee camp featured on BBC World News and on their ‘Inside Out’ programme. Watch the footage online

Please help unite the Pilates community, put your own studio on the map and get involved for the sake of humanity.

Here’s the info…

  • When: Sunday 8th July 2018
  • Where: Hitchin Priory, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.
  • Time: 12-13.00 World Record – Largest Pilates class. Diddy Rascal family festival 11-7pm
  • Fee: From £5 entrance, free for under 18 months. Fee includes your entry to the festival, and participation to the record attempt*
  • Fundraise: We also suggest a minimum of £30 per person is raised in sponsorship and receive an event t-shirt and participation medal.

*NB: please note you need to be over 7 years old to participate in the record attempt and your entry will only count towards the record if you participate for the full session. Any drop outs will be discounted from the numbers.

How to book
Visit our website to register and get your sponsorship page.

Company sponsorship opportunities
For great opportunities to be part of this amazing events contact

Please share this email, click on the website and share the page, tag us in social media @thepilatespod @humanitascharity @diddyrascalsevents

We really hope you will support this cause and rally your troops!

Michelle, The Pilates Pod
Genevieve, Humanitas.

A new year, new changes and a new you with The Pilates Pod

“One size does not fit all”  (Michelle, owner of The Pilates Pod)

Known originally as Contrology, Joe Pilates’ method is the art and study of control. 

Control over the mind, breath, centre (powerhouse) and the whole body to create balance and a uniformed body that is strong AND flexible all over.

We have LOTS of new exciting changes to the studio for 2018 so grab a cuppa and read on…

Pilates is a journey. Your own journey.  Joe never had “levels” in his sessions as every one works at their own level. You had your 1st five sessions as a new beginner to the studio, then you had a lifetime of individual work, journey and progress working around the studio on all the apparatus in an open studio with just Joe or Clara around to help assist and give you one more exercise to add to your routine when they felt you had earned it.

How we start here at The Pilates Pod

We don’t leave you quite as alone as Joe did. Start with the fundamentals of the studio system. In the fundamental system, you will start learning the Intro exercises, orders and transitions of Matwork and Reformer (the bread and butter of Pilates) as well as introducing you to the arm springs work, roll back bar and wall endings with hand weights.

We’ve got 2 Intro Packages for new clients  to do this. You can buy each package once. (if you are already an existing client, and you have never experienced a full studio session, you can also take advantage of each one of these packages, once.)

  • Semi Private Group (up to 4 people) 3 weeks Unlimited Studio sessions £60 (3 weeks from your 1st session) For healthy bodies, or those with general aches and weaknesses.
  • Individual Private Training:  3 x 1:1’s £120 (to use in 2 weeks from your 1st session) The recommended route for “all eyes on you”, or for anyone suffering with back disc issues, joint pain, neurological issues, or specific issues surrounding pelvic floor, c-section or abdominal separation.

Where to go after the basics?

Every BODY is different, every mind too! Some people pick things up quicker than others, some people’s body responds easier than others. It doesn’t matter! What matters is YOUR journey, your progress. It’s not a race. Pilates is about learning your orders and transitions for matwork and reformer,  as well as practicing the exercises themselves and getting it deep inside the body. If you are working through specific issues, you should stay with 1:1’s, otherwise We recommend that everyone as much as possible follows 2 -3 sessions a week, pre books them in to ensure consistency and includes:

  • Semi Private Pilates Studio Apparatus class.  With up to 4 people per session, these classes are the true Pilates experience. Using resistance from the springs and matwork combined as well as an opportunity to correct your individual needs using the whole system from barrels, spine correctors, pedi pole, toe corrector, foot corrector, magic circles on top of those exercises found in the fundamental levels. Plus it gives you a chance to be more independent than 1:1’s, for the best result.  If you have been doing 1:1’s for a while now and aren’t dealing with specific issues, maybe it’s time to switch to semi-private. If you have been doing Mat or Reformer independently, give these classes a go.
  • You can find even more of these classes for 2018: Mondays 2pm, alternate Mondays 6pm, Wednesdays 8pm,  Thursdays 10.30am & 7pm, Saturdays 12.15pm and Sundays 11am.
  • OR Private Training 1:1’s, Duets or Skype sessions.

PLUS a weekly one of these to fine tune one aspect of Pilates…

  • Matwork. Using no resistance except your own body weight, this can often feel the most challenging if the body is too tight in some areas, too weak in others, to support and perform the exercises with control, which is why the Reformer and small props helps give you this balanced body. Some small props may be used now as required. It’s really easy to learn and do at home between studio visits, but remember matwork is only 2% of the full Pilates system, so do use apparatus as often as you can!
  • You can find these classes for 2018: Mondays 9.30am, 7pm & 8pm, Tuesdays 8pm, Wednesdays 9.30am (Gentle Flow Mat) Wednesdays 7pm, Thursdays 8pm, Fridays 10.15am, Sundays 10am.
  • Barrels & Matwork. Using the small barrels and spine correctors, your body will restore its natural curves and alignment with the help and support that the curves of the barrel provide. Your Matwork & Reformer exercises will be enhanced, challenged and given support in order for you to learn and fine tune your Pilates. A perfect antidote class to modern life ill posture and tight hips/rounded shoulders.
  • You can find this class for 2018:  Fridays 12.15-1pm
  • Pilates with Small Props. A CHANGE to the old Pilates with Props circuit style class. This new class will be performed all together more like traditional matwork classes rather than a circuit, but every week will use many of the small props found in the studio, both contemporary and classical from fitballs, magic circles, poles, mini balls, rollers, hand weights, flexi-bands, toe correctors. Matwork with lots of small toys! No large apparatus will be used in this class like Reformer, Pedi Pole, Spine Correctors and barrels.
  • You can find these classes for 2018: NEW TIME Saturdays 10am, Sundays 10am.
  • Reformer Pilates. If Matwork is the butter, Reformer is the bread. These two systems that Joe created are the only ones with orders to them. Just as you would practice the finer deeper work of Matwork in a full 55 min class, this is the same but on Reformer.  The springs are what make the change to people’s bodies and create a lift in the spine; better, faster and more efficiently than matwork alone. Only 2 per class, you work at your own level and order.
  • You can find these classes for 2018: Mondays 12.45pm, Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays 9.30am & 6pm, Fridays 6pm.
  • Jumpboard Reformer Express. The jumpboard provides a soft platform in which you jump and bounce off whilst laying down. Add an express workout for your cardio levels and fat burning for those short on time, or in perfect addition to a regular class before or after. Not suitable for pregnancy or anyone with weak core, bad backs or new.
  • You can find these classes for 2018: Wednesdays 9am and Fridays 5.30pm.

Our door is open…..

By popular request, we’re opening our studio doors to you for 2018 at special times every week in which you can come in to practice by yourself. These “Open Studio” sessions give you an opportunity to come into the studio, work with the apparatus, matwork and small props. Whether you feel like stretching, working hard, geeking out on one particularly exercise or particular piece of apparatus, it’s all up to you. An instructor will be present but this is NOT a led session. A teacher will only be present for safety not for asking questions or advice. Please do be respectful to this and to other clients present in the room for their workouts to keep noise to a minimum. This is a time for yourself to workout,  a chance to come more often, workout with others, for your own practice, your way, with our studio, our equipment. We ask that you show up on time but feel free to leave quietly whenever you like within the 55 min slot. You are responsible for your own safety, modifications and for the equipment during these times. You must only use apparatus if you know how to use it and must sign a declaration form from Michelle before attending your first session. Min 5 sessions must have been attended on mat or on apparatus before you attend.

Open Studio Matwork £7.50 – Matwork only with small props. Up to 55 mins. 6 spaces .
Times available during 2018:
Mondays 2pm. Tuesdays 6pm. Wednesdays 8pm. Thursdays 9.30am, 6pm. Fridays 3.30pm, 6pm. Saturdays 9am. Sundays 12.00
Book here.

Open Studio Apparatus £15 – All the toys big and small in the studio inc Reformer, small barrel, spine corrector, foot corrector, toe corrector, pedi pole etc. Up to 55 mins. 2 spaces 
Times available during 2018:
Mondays 8pm. Tuesdays 8pm, Wednesday 7pm,  Saturdays 10am, Sundays 9am.  Book here.

To help you with your Open Studio workouts, we’ll be running Pilates Playground workshops every month. In these workshops, we’ll be taking a close look at a couple matwork exercises, and a couple of exercises performed on one piece of apparatus. We’ll geek them out, understand them, play with them, practice them, learn how to and how not to do perform them. You can then add them into your routine when you next come to the studio, or just use them as helpful tips and tricks. We strongly suggest you attend these as often as you can, or book a 1:1 instead if you cant make it. Fee £20 for each workshop, class credits cannot be used as payment.
The next Pilates Playground will be:
Saturday 6th January 9.15am-10.10am with Michelle.  It all starts from the feet!
A look at some of the feet on the bar work taken from the Reformer and the Foot Corrector. Essential places to start for everyone to connect their “feet to the seat” as well as particular useful for those with neurological issuess, limited foot mobility and strength.  Book here.
Sunday 4th February 12.00-12.55pm with Ellen.  Arm Springs. How the arms are rooted into the shoulder joint and how the shoulders are connected to the back body is so important. We’ll look at the arm spring series, some exercises on the Reformer and adding hand weights into our matwork. Book here



Christmas Timetable 2017

Tis the season to be jolly, and there is no jollier place than The Pilates Pod at Christmas….

Check out the Christmas Special Timetable 2017. Why not take advantage of our special 2 week Unlimited class offer during this time to balance out those extra festive indulgences

Christmas Eve
9.15am Xmas Matwork with a Halo
10.30am Reform yourself and get on the “nice list”

Christmas Day and Boxing Day – closed

27th December

28th December

29th December

30th December

New Years Eve

New Years Day – Closed

2nd January

3rd January

4th January

5th January

6th January

7th January

The full timetable for 2018 begins on Monday 8th January – book ahead for your favourite classes and private training slots – January – March are always particularly busy months.





Give the gift even Mariah wants this Christmas (& bag free stuff for you!)

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents, underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own, more than you will ever know. Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is you…..

A toned body
A life of  freedom from back and joint pain
Better mobility and flexibility
Improved posture
Overall health, wellbeing and stress relief
New friendships

Gift Voucher

You know, love and feel the fantastic benefits that our Pilates sessions have given to your mind and body. So this Christmas, why not pass on that lifelong joy to someone you love.  A Pilates Pod Gift Voucher. That’s so much better than pair of novelty socks, a few smellies or a bottle of plonk!

PLUS when you buy selected Intro Packages, bag yourself free class credits for you! The gift that really does keep on giving!

Buy 3 weeks Unlimited Studio Apparatus Classes £60- get yourself 1 free class credit
Buy 3 x 1:1’s for £120 – get yourself 3 class credits 

More ideas for you….

  • If they are pregnant or just become a new mum – why not buy a voucher for pregnancy classes (£75) or 5 week postnatal course (£60.) For abdominal separation, c-section healing and pelvic floor weakness help – buy a 1:1 private training lesson (£48.50)
  • If they are struggling with back, hip, knee or pelvic pain – buy some 1:1 lessons. Ranging from £48.50 for one, £120 for Intro package of 3* or 5 lessons for £235.
  • If they would like to tone up, get fitter and healthier, start moving, feel active, improve aches and stiffness. Buy the gift of an Intro Group 3 week Unlimited Studio Sessions (£60)
  • Need a stocking filler? Grab a single class voucher for £16 to try a classical mat shirtsclass.  Pilates Stott Pilates DVD’s for home workouts for just £5. Bag a “Pod Squad” t-shirt for a fitness fan  to workout in. Available in unisex flowy tank or standard Tee. £24
  • Money! You can’t go wrong with just putting a straight forward sum of Pilates cash onto their account as a present gift card. Any amount from £10 is an option.


Buy online, over the phone 01462 338002 or email us and authorise us to purchase using your card.  You can pick up your voucher or we can send an e-voucher. Plus we’re open until 12.00 on Xmas Eve so plenty of time to grab some last minute ideas.

Christmas is a time for giving, it’s a time for family, friends, sharing joy and happiness, so spread a little happiness with a Pilates Pod Christmas Gift.


For the last few years, we’ve embraced ‘Black Friday’ as a great opportunity to offer clients old and new a fantastic opportunity to make the most of some mega deals. And this year is no different! We’ve conjured up four incredible offers, so whether you’re looking to top up your class or PT credits, treat a friend with a Pilates Pod voucher or look ahead to a new year full of strength, stretch and control – we’ve got it covered.

Black Friday Weekend – 10 x 20 Class Bargains

Only £220 inc vat – save £40!

We’re putting ten of our 20 class passes up for grabs at a mind blowing £220 inc vat each but don’t delay. when they’re gone, they’re gone. Book now using promocode – BF1720CP.

Black Friday Weekend 10 x 10 PT Bargains

Only £400 inc vat – save £45!

We’re putting ten of our 10 pt passes up for grabs at a mind blowing £400 inc vat each don’t delay. when they’re gone, they’re gone. Book now using promocode – BF1710PT. 

Black Friday Weekend 5 x 200 Class Bargain

Only £1,900 inc vat (£9.50 per credit!)

Get 200 classes to use across our studio mat & apparatus class timetable over 13 months. an absolute bargain. plus – you get 10% off retail for the duration (excludes g.v) don’t delay. when they’re gone, they’re gone. Book now!

Black Friday Weekend Gift Voucher Deal

Buy a friend a 3 week unlimited studio fundamentals voucher (£60) and we’ll give you a class credit absolutely free buy a friend a personal training intro package voucher (£120) and we’ll give you three class credits absolutely free call to book: 01462 338 002



After a month of discounts on our class credits, we thought it was only fair to offer our personal training clients a little something back to!

So, for the whole of November, we’re offering you a huge 10% OFF ALL our personal training credits. 

With personal training at The Pilates Pod, we tailor your sessions specifically to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. During the session you’re our sole focus, so we can provide you with the ultimate work-out to help your body. Take a look at the video below which will give you an idea of what you might expect.

Tempted? Then book your credits and sesssion now and reserve a slot with one of our instructors. This deal includes duet sessions, so why not come and work out with a friend!

Simply use promo code: PTNOV when booking, and the discount will be applied automatically. If it’s easier for you, give us a call on 01462 338002 and we’ll be happy to make the booking for you and get your sessions booked in.

Please note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with PT Intro Session or any other offers or promotions.

WE’RE FINALISTS! Pod shortlisted for Business Award

The Pilates Pod - Hertfordshire Business Awards 2017 Finalist
The Pilates Pod has been shortlisted in the Small Business of the Year category

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have reached the finals of the 2017 Hertfordshire Business Awards in association with KPMG, having been shortlisted in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category.

This year is the 21st year of the awards which are organised by publishers Archant, publishers of Hertfordshire Life, The Herts Advertiser and The Comet, among other titles. Each year a group of respected business people are brought together to evaluate the entries and draw up a shortlist for each of the awards categories, and we are ecstatic to have made the cut in the ‘Small Business’ category which is sponsored by Alliance Intelligent Scaffolding.

The entry process was a rigorous one. Businesses were required to submit a 1,500 word application along with other supporting materials – shortlisted businesses will also be visited by a judge to get a better feel for what their business is all about.

Winners will be announced at a glittering, black tie event at Knebworth House on the 23rd November – and we’ve got all of our fingers and toes crossed!

Of course, we’d love to win an award on the night. But to even make it as far making the shortlist is a huge honour, so we’re feeling incredibly proud of our team and of you, our clients. We couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to make the Pilates Pod happen if it weren’t for your loyalty, custom and sense of fun.

Here’s another look at Lesley’s story, and there are so many others like this one that we’re equally proud of.  Watch this space, fingers crossed, and KEEP PODDING!

Love, Michelle and Ed Smith – Directors, The Pilates Pod


Already doing Pilates & want to try us? Get 5 classes for £37.50!

Many of our long-standing clients came to the Pod having first tried Pilates elsewhere, but after hearing great things about us, they wanted to give our dedicated, small classes and flexible credit system a try. 

For people who are completely new to Pilates, it’s important to make sure you’ve grasped some of the basic principles before diving into regular classes. Our studio fundamentals classes, or 1:1 introductory packages present the ideal way to get to grips with Pilates.

But, if you’ve been practicing matwork Pilates regularly for over 6 months and would like to try the authentic Classical Pilates style that only the Pod offers, then now’s your chance to grab an absolute BARGAIN!

Get  5 class credits for HALF PRICE- just £37.50 

Here’s just some of the reasons why you’ll love doing Pilates at the Pod:

  • We are the only studio outside of London to be trained in authentic Classical Pilates ; the way Joe Pilates intended his method to be practiced.
  • Our team are also specialists uniquely trained to work with clients with back pain, hip, knee and foot issues, neurological disorders, pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction, pregnancy and post natal related conditions including c-section healing, abdominal separation.
  • We are open 7 days a week
  • 7pm and 8pm classes for those that need a later time.
  • Max 9 per mat class, 4 in Semi Privates and 2 in Twin Reformer.
  • Flexible credit system means you pay for when you come, how often you want to come, with no monthly memberships or fixed unflexible term dates.
  • Lots and lots of choice! Choose from 11 weekly mat classes, pregnancy, post natal classes.
  • Matwork is only one tiny part of the Classical method, we also offer a studio apparatus Pilates experience as well, and handily your credits can be used on all these classes too….Barrels class, Semi Private Studio FundamentalsPilates with props, Twin Reformer class
  • We get results! We’ve won 7 awards and our client testimonials speak for themselves.

It’s easy to book, just use promo code TRYTHEPOD1017 when you purchase your 5 class credits*, then choose a class and come along.  (*offer valid on 5 class credits with 3 month expiry.)

All we ask…. group Classical Pilates is for healthy bodies. If you need help with injuries, pain, disc issues, please see us for private training.

We have everything you need at our studio, so just book in and come along to enjoy!

See you there!


Refer a Friend and Earn FREE Classes!

If you’re already attending our award winning classes, we’re now offering you a new way to earn yourself class credits absolutely FREE. 

It’s easy too. Simply recommend The Pilates Pod to a friend and if they book onto our Studio Fundamentals Classes, or 1:1 Intro packages, we’ll give you a class credit to say thank you.

Here’s how it works. Don’t worry, it’s easy:

  1. Recommend us on Facebook, Twitter, on the phone or over dinner. It really doesn’t matter how.
  2. Tell us the name of the person you have recommended us to.
  3. Ask your friend to mention your name on their first visit to the Pilates Pod.
  4. That’s it! We’ll then credit your account with a class credit on the house.

There’s no limit to the number of recommendations you can make. In fact – if you recommend 5 people to us, you’ll earn yourself a free ‘Pod Squad’ t-shirt for being such an incredible member of the gang.

Pod Squad Shirts
Earn a Pod Squad Shirt – just recommend 5 people to us!

Plus – until the end of October, we’re offering current clients a massive 10% discount on single, 5, 10 and 20 class passes. So stock up now and book your classes in!

Don't miss out on this amazing offer. Must end October 31st.
Don’t miss out on this amazing offer. Must end October 31st.