Already doing Pilates & want to try us? Get 5 classes for £37.50!

Many of our long-standing clients came to the Pod having first tried Pilates elsewhere, but after hearing great things about us, they wanted to give our dedicated, small classes and flexible credit system a try. 

For people who are completely new to Pilates, it’s important to make sure you’ve grasped some of the basic principles before diving into regular classes. Our studio fundamentals classes, or 1:1 introductory packages present the ideal way to get to grips with Pilates.

But, if you’ve been practicing matwork Pilates regularly for over 6 months and would like to try the authentic Classical Pilates style that only the Pod offers, then now’s your chance to grab an absolute BARGAIN!

Get  5 class credits for HALF PRICE- just £37.50 

Here’s just some of the reasons why you’ll love doing Pilates at the Pod:

  • We are the only studio outside of London to be trained in authentic Classical Pilates ; the way Joe Pilates intended his method to be practiced.
  • Our team are also specialists uniquely trained to work with clients with back pain, hip, knee and foot issues, neurological disorders, pelvic floor weakness and dysfunction, pregnancy and post natal related conditions including c-section healing, abdominal separation.
  • We are open 7 days a week
  • 7pm and 8pm classes for those that need a later time.
  • Max 9 per mat class, 4 in Semi Privates and 2 in Twin Reformer.
  • Flexible credit system means you pay for when you come, how often you want to come, with no monthly memberships or fixed unflexible term dates.
  • Lots and lots of choice! Choose from 11 weekly mat classes, pregnancy, post natal classes.
  • Matwork is only one tiny part of the Classical method, we also offer a studio apparatus Pilates experience as well, and handily your credits can be used on all these classes too….Barrels class, Semi Private Studio FundamentalsPilates with props, Twin Reformer class
  • We get results! We’ve won 7 awards and our client testimonials speak for themselves.

It’s easy to book, just use promo code TRYTHEPOD1017 when you purchase your 5 class credits*, then choose a class and come along.  (*offer valid on 5 class credits with 3 month expiry.)

All we ask…. group Classical Pilates is for healthy bodies. If you need help with injuries, pain, disc issues, please see us for private training.

We have everything you need at our studio, so just book in and come along to enjoy!

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Already doing Pilates & want to try us? Get 5 classes for £37.50!

  1. Hi

    I have been going to Pilates with my Son who is 15 for one year now, would he be able to attend your classes?

    Regards Deb

    1. Hi Debra,

      Yes he can attend with you.
      We are happy to extend the try us offer until the end of this year if you would like to purchase credits for you and him.
      Please contact the studio on 01462 338002

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