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New to Pilates? Get 3 weeks unlimited Pilates with our new Studio Fundamental classes.

3 Weeks Unlimited Pilates

Pilates is a life skill – you can’t take your teacher home with you! Independence is key.


Pilates as Joe Pilates intended it.

A semi-private class with just 4 people, this class is delivered just how Joseph Pilates chose to work his client’s long term. In Joe’s studio you would start with Private sessions where he introduced the repertoire on the apparatus, gave some mat work (meant for you to do as homework) and something that your body particularly needed on the other apparatus and smaller props. In the semi-private classes, he then left you to self practice these lessons taught, only when he saw you develop would he introduce something new for you to work on and so on.

Unlimited Classes for 3 weeks

We’re now offering you the opportunity to try Pilates as many times as you like for just £60 during 3 weeks in out fantastic Studio Fundamentals Class. Book now.

Fundamentals class

At The Pilates Pod, we don’t leave you quite quite as Joe did to practice. Our Fundamentals classes of just 4 people will give you a place to experience, learn and practice the fundamentals of the full studio work but with the trained eye, guided and support of the teacher for correction, learning and challenge. This is the best approach to your progression, when you are guided but also allowed to explore. Training in this way creates a strong, independent, focused mind which develops over time the internal changes you are looking for to your body.

Experience Pilates on mat and reformer

In the Fundamentals levels, you will be learning your orders in Matwork and Reformer, explore the roll back bar, arm springs, breathing bridge, weights and wall endings with modifications and adjustments needed for your personally as necessary.

Fundamentals are the basics of the whole studio experience, so whilst essential for anyone new to Pilates, they are highly recommend if you have any prior Pilates experience who may not have practiced in this way before.

We recommend a minimum of 5-10 Fundamentals Classes performed twice a week, before moving into Semi Private sessions and Mat Classes. Perfect too for anyone at any time experiencing back or joint issues, pelvic floor issues, post natal (on top of the post natal class).

Book your fundamental classes now.

2 great new offers for new and existing clients

Enjoy both offers, 1 per client.

  • 3 x 1:1 Private Training sessions for £120 (to be used within 2 weeks)
    • All eyes on you! Private training is a complete personalised individual session based on what we see your body needs, what your issues are and what your goals are.We have the tools and the toolbox, let us help you improve the mobility in your back, help with hip, knee and shoulder issues, have time to work on finessing your transitions and orders in the Matwork or Reformer,  improve pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation. Whatever your goal, or if you just want to move, we can help!

      Personal Training at The Pilates Pod
      Personal Training at The Pilates Pod
  • 3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60
    • That’s only £6 per class if you came 3 times a week! Books yours now, 3 weeks starts from 1st session. From 20th September new class time slots of Wednesday 8pm with Ellen, Thursdays 10.30am with Michelle, Saturdays 12.15pm with Michelle, Nikki and Stacey
      2.3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60
      3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60

      About the class….

      Pilates is meant to work around the room on apparatus and matwork together. Joe Pilates would work with clients with 5 private sessions, then everyone would move into “open studio” sessions where you practiced 4 times a week on all the apparatus yourself with just some guidance until you earned a new exercise to your repertoire, and Matwork was given as homework for you to practice inbetween the studio sessions.

      We don’t leave you quite like that! But being more independent is key to learning and change – we aren’t there at home! Fundamental sessions have just 4 people for a shared private training feel to learn with careful guidance, support and challenge whilst experiencing independence.

      We recommend Fundamentals classes for everyone for min 5-10 sessions. Learn the orders of Matwork and Reformer, work on fine tuning your needs on roll back bars, breathing bridge, arm springs, small weights and wall endings.

      NB: *Healthy bodies only in group classes. Any back, joint or medically diagnosed issues of new clients should be doing Private Training.

Pilates Pod Team Updates


  • Michelle has been back a long time from maternity leave, come and see her if you haven’t yet. She is now available for longer on Thursdays and Tuesdays too.
  • The Saturday team is now shaping up beautifully with Stacey, Michelle and Nikki. Stacey and Nikki are regular cover teachers over the last several years and now delighted to have them as essential team members. All are apparatus trained.
  • Rufina has gone off on maternity leave. Orli is doing the same in the next couple of weeks. So our new member of the admin team is Kelly. You can see her soon and she is looking forward to meeting you all Monday-Saturday.
  • And of course our pocket-rocket Ellen is still with us, and knocking it out of the park with her wonderfully energising classes and personal training sessions.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at the Pod

Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at The Pilates Pod
Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates at The Pilates Pod

Did you know we are the only Pilates studio in the area that offers a full circle of care?

Here’s why…

  • We are specialists in Pre and Post natal Pilates, as well as further specialist training in healing for diastasis recti/abdominal separation, caesarean section and pelvic floor issues and prolapse. Don’t suffer alone, book in for private training and we can help you.
  • Are you pregnant? Attend Saturdays 11:00am with the other mums-to-be and work together with your suitable modifications.
  • Unlike anywhere else, continue to use any unused credits after baby is born to attend our post natal class on Mondays 10:30am (within 10 weeks of your baby’s birth)
  • 5 week post natal Matwork Pilates courses (babies are welcome!) is a must do early on after baby is born to get your inside body strong before too much car seat carrying, buggy pushing and baby lifting takes the strain on you weakened body. Forget the running, aerobics and stomach sit ups, get to essential Pilates. Book in early from 6 week post natal midwife check.

Don’t wait too long! YOU ARE IMPORTANT. Most ladies are no longer offered a postnatal check. We recommend getting one privately with a Womens’ health physio if not and getting to our studio for professional help for the recovery for at least 10 sessions then move into regular classes. Postnatal mums can also attend Studio Fundamentals after one course of Post Natal matwork.

Find out more, call 01462 338002 or email the studio

New classes and changes to the timetable from September 2017

Start Pilates Today!
Start Pilates Today!

There are a number of changes to our timetabling that will take effect from September.


Friday lunchtime slot 12:15  -1:00 pm and alternate Mondays 6.15-7pm with Michelle.

You can also find some extra classes on Wednesday 30th August 6:00 – 6:45pm.

This popular class uses the classical piece of apparatus the Small Barrel (and the soon to arrive Spine Correctors) to open your chest and hips, restore the curves of your spine, decompress you and challenge your powerhouse and stability.

A most wonderful essential class for everyone as the antidote to rounded posture, a day at the desk, driving or cycling. This class has a maximum of 6 people.

Studio Fundamentals

Wednesdays 8:00pm, Thursdays 10:30am, Saturdays 12:15pm.

Enjoy the semi-private feel in a group of just 4 people. Take advantage of the unlimited classes offer. Click here for more information about this exciting new class.

Max 4 people per class.

Mat Classes

From September all mat classes will now be multi-level.

That means whether you are relatively new or years of experienced, you can attend any of the mat class times and the level will be your own within the group, your workout, your body, you take ownership.

We work with the bodies we have on the day and tailor the class according, challenging and supporting you as we see necessary. More choices for you, more progress through the repertoire.

Max 10 people per class.

A fond farewell to our Beginners Intro to Pilates Courses…

…which means that you can start anytime! We’ve done away with the course approach, so now all new beginners can now take advantage of 2 intro packages; the 3 PT offer, AND the Unlimited Semi Studio Fundamentals classes. Start anytime and away you go with the essentials under a carefully trained watchful instructor eye!

Start Pilates with us now – email the studio today

Pelvic Floor Workshop: Sunday 10th September – 12:00noon – 12:55pm

Come along to our Pelvic Floor Workshop on Sunday 10th September 12:00 noon – 12.55pm. £16 or one class credit.

Click here to book your workshop now.

Book your workshop ow
Book your workshop now

A fantastic educational and interactive workshop for everyone to learn about their pelvis and the muscles that surround and attach to this area help you function with stability and control.

Hamstrings, pelvic floor, back, abdominals, obliques – they all play a part. Are yours working effectively? Excellent especially for anyone suffering with pain or weakness in these areas.

We will show you how to release, realign and then strengthen the pelvic area in order to make it more stable, and the show you how to move around a stable source.