2 great new offers for new and existing clients

Enjoy both offers, 1 per client.

  • 3 x 1:1 Private Training sessions for £120 (to be used within 2 weeks)
    • All eyes on you! Private training is a complete personalised individual session based on what we see your body needs, what your issues are and what your goals are.We have the tools and the toolbox, let us help you improve the mobility in your back, help with hip, knee and shoulder issues, have time to work on finessing your transitions and orders in the Matwork or Reformer,  improve pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation. Whatever your goal, or if you just want to move, we can help!

      Personal Training at The Pilates Pod
      Personal Training at The Pilates Pod
  • 3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60
    • That’s only £6 per class if you came 3 times a week! Books yours now, 3 weeks starts from 1st session. From 20th September new class time slots of Wednesday 8pm with Ellen, Thursdays 10.30am with Michelle, Saturdays 12.15pm with Michelle, Nikki and Stacey
      2.3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60
      3 weeks of unlimited Studio Fundamentals Classes* for just £60

      About the class….

      Pilates is meant to work around the room on apparatus and matwork together. Joe Pilates would work with clients with 5 private sessions, then everyone would move into “open studio” sessions where you practiced 4 times a week on all the apparatus yourself with just some guidance until you earned a new exercise to your repertoire, and Matwork was given as homework for you to practice inbetween the studio sessions.

      We don’t leave you quite like that! But being more independent is key to learning and change – we aren’t there at home! Fundamental sessions have just 4 people for a shared private training feel to learn with careful guidance, support and challenge whilst experiencing independence.

      We recommend Fundamentals classes for everyone for min 5-10 sessions. Learn the orders of Matwork and Reformer, work on fine tuning your needs on roll back bars, breathing bridge, arm springs, small weights and wall endings.

      NB: *Healthy bodies only in group classes. Any back, joint or medically diagnosed issues of new clients should be doing Private Training.

About michellePod

Owner of the multi award winning, small but perfectly formed, The Pilates Pod in Hitchin. Been a lover and instructor for Pilates for 12 years. After it helped me get rid of back pain from a car accident , helped me through pregnancy, post natal tone up and general fitness, I just love spreading the Pilates love!

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